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Can you imagine a retail world where your location, number of years in business, the number of employees, cash in the bank or brand doesn’t make a difference and the only thing that influences your success is how well you treat your customers? It sounds like a utopia doesn’t it but could it ever exist?

The internet once promised a level playing field for businesses of all shapes and sizes to compete on based on the quality of service and price alone. This promise took quite a while to come to fruition and for many retailers, it’s still not quite been realised.

Large online marketplaces (including eBay and Amazon) have done very little to even out the retail landscape, offering sweetheart deals to big name retailers in order to add prestige to their brands, even if their levels of online customer service don’t quite match the community standards forced on everyone else.

High listing and final value fees (as high as 15% on Amazon for a retailer selling computer games, software or beauty products) are the equivalent of premium rate high street rents and either push prices up or (more likely) force’s retailers to drastically reduce their margins. Add to this the problem that many retailers on these platforms are forced to compete with private, part-time and overseas traders and it’s easy to see why there are so many “busy fools” selling on these marketplaces.

Note: A busy fool is someone who chases turnover rather than profit.

shutterstock_334717928 (1) – Levelling eCommerce Playing Fields Since 2011

Actually, Flubit isn’t just levelling the playing field – it’s completely disrupting the eCommerce landscape. In the five years, we’ve been in business, we’ve grown from a simple idea to help consumers save money on their brand name purchases to become the UK’s largest independent online marketplace with 1,500+ retailers listing and selling more than 20 million different products.

Flubit doesn’t have favourites. We don’t make it harder for small retailers to compete with the big boys. We’re only interested in three things:

  1. Do you have access to large volumes of popular brand name products?
  2. Are you able to offer great prices? (The fact we don’t charge any subscription, listing or final value/seller fees will certainly help here).
  3. Can you deliver on your promises and keep our/your customers happy?

If you answer “Yes” to all three of these questions, you really should consider speaking to Flubit to learn how we can help you reach millions of new customers without pushing up the cost of each sale.

To learn how your retail business can benefit from Flubit’s level playing field, visit:

About the Author: John W. Hayes has over 18 years of experience in online marketing and e-commerce. The author of 3 books in his industry he contributes at numerous international events and various industry blogs. Follow him on twitter @john_w_hayes.

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