Novelty Gifts That Make Perfect Stocking Fillers

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Miscellaneous must-haves, perfect for Crimbo!

Christmas is just a few weeks away so it’s definitely time to get your thinking cap on and start planning presents for your nearest and dearest. But if you’ve no idea what to get them, don’t panic! We’ve created a collection of the best novelty gifts around today. And because they’re perfect stocking fillers, you can choose as many or as few as you like.

From the silly and Sci-Fi to the practical and pretty, there’s something for everyone. Here are a few of our favourites:

Keep Calm and Cook With Prosecco

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Get busy with the fizzy for just £8.68

Prosecco is one of the most guzzled tipples around at the moment, but have you considered cooking with it? If you know someone who’s obsessed with popping those Prosecco corks every Friday night then this is the book for their Christmas stocking. From tomato-based pasta sauces and seafood starters to pancake desserts and dips, there are over 40 fabulous recipes ready to add fizz to their food!

Brainstorm Space Explorer Room Projector

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Be lost in space for just £13.16

Know someone who’d love to be an astronaut? This awesome gadget projects 24 colour NASA images up to 1 meter wide in a darkened room. It comes with 3 interchangeable slide discs which include 8 stunning space-orientated images. What’s more, when you’re not using it as a projector it transforms into a cool nebula nightlight. It’s one of our fave novelty gifts and it’s perfect for any wannabe spaceman or woman!

Game Of Thrones Notebook and Magnetic Bookmark

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Throne together for just £16.42

Everyone knows someone who’s gone crazy over Game Of Thrones. Why not surprise the fan in your life with this officially licensed stationery set. It comes with a notebook featuring the House Stark logo and a bookmark featuring Arya Stark’s image, plus both come gift wrapped and ready for Christmas. Game on!

Fizz Creations Lie Detector Science Kit

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Put them on the spot for only £9.66

You don’t need to go on Jeremy Kyle to see if your friend’s been telling porky pies! Gift them this awesome Lie Detector Science Kit and all will be revealed (well, maybe). The real aim of this kit is to learn about electrical currents and resistance. It amplifies a small amount of current that flows through the body, making the needle move. Let the investigations commence!

Squishy Slimeballs

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Most wonderful slime of the year, £5.40

If you know someone who grew up in the 80s or 90s they’re bound to appreciate this, the silliest of our novelty gifts – a net filled with squishy slimeballs. Why? Well, nostalgia – and frankly who doesn’t love squashing things in the palm of their hand? Instant stress relief and satisfaction!

More Novelty Gifts? Feast Your Eyes On Our Pinterest Board

If you’ve got a flavour for our novelty gifts but want to see the full menu, head over to our Pinterest board and get ready to be inspired!

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