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Netflix is the go to when you’re bored, lonely and have nothing better to do but lay in bed with your laptop. You start a new show thinking you’ll watch only a few episodes but as soon as you know it, you’re hooked and you’re a few series in. I’m sure there has been plenty of Netflix originals and TV classics that have had you addicted over the past few years? You’ll be pleased to know they will be returning to our screens sometime soon. 

Orange Is The New Black – Season 5

Our favourite female inmates are coming back! The series will air on the 9th of June. Orange is the black will also be on our screens for a few more years after as it has been renewed for seasons 6 and 7. 


Narcos – Season 3

One of the most interesting series on Netflix will be streaming on our screens by summer, this little teaser has excited us so much we may start from the beginning. 


Making A Murder – Season 2

Will we come closer to the truth about Steven Avery? Probably not, but we do love a crime documentary so we will watch it anyway. An official date hasn’t been announced yet but it will be hitting our screens in some time in 2017 for sure. If you loved making a murder Flubit have put together a list of what else you would love, find out here. 


Prison Break – Season 5 

We are extremely excited about this show returning, since 2008 we have waited for season 5 of Prison Break. We have loads of questions to ask. Is Michael alive? Which prison are they breaking out of this time? and does Link still love a fist fight? Fox will be returning Prison break in the US every Thursday starting from the 4th of April. 

Stranger Things – Season 2

Did anyone else think Stranger Things ended to quick? We do. Eleven and her gang will soon be returning with a spooky appearance since Netflix will be airing it on October the 31st. 


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