What You Need to Know About being an Apprentice

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It’s National Apprenticeship week!

So here comes another sophisticatedly written blog post on how amazing apprenticeships are! Although honestly, confidentially between apprentice and strangers, the undeniable truth is…

I really do enjoy working as a digital marketing apprentice at Flubit.

An apprenticeship is essentially working in a job which aligns with a qualification and you get paid like any other worker. “Earn while you learn”. As a Digital Marketer, my role involves creating and implementing campaigns in order to promote my company, it’s brand and its products. However, before starting an apprenticeship it’s always necessary to know what you are getting yourself into. So, I thought why not share some facts on what you actually get from an apprenticeship:

Time and guidance

Honestly, I assumed I’d be pressured to find the time myself to complete my coursework and be penalised if I don’t. But nope. I have a mentor who I can contact whenever necessary. Flubit is a very understanding workplace and I have a great manager who recognises the apprenticeship guidelines of giving me the necessary time to complete my work. I don’t feel rushed to complete my work and am always given any provided information that can help me achieve my goals. My manager and I have bi-weekly meetings allowing us time discuss my projects, progress and any feedback I can give to both an employee and an apprentice. I feel as though my opinion is very valued in the workplace.

An apprenticeship is a gateway

  • To a great job
  • And to a great experience

The key to a great apprenticeship is making the most of it. Gather as many skills as you can. Make an impression. Personally, doing an apprenticeship has helped me filter through aspects of work that I don’t like and those which I do, inevitably helping me prepare for any career decisions in the future.  Flubit has not failed in involving me in many available activities and task. Allowing to already learn so much in my time here. From the start, they immediately to an acknowledgment of goals I had, skills I wanted to work on and interests in specific tasks. Which was great! I’ve learned that graphic design is an avid interest of mine and Flubit has no doubt helped me in developing my skills in the task. I’ve been involved in many graphic design tasks such as creating collections and landing pages. My job has also provided with the hands-on learning that college hasn’t. I’ve been given opportunities to actively use marketing platforms that I learn about and further develop my marketing knowledge. Also, you never know once your course is complete you could have landed yourself an awesome job.

An apprenticeship is open to all

An apprenticeship is open to all ages (above 16) and even to pre-existing employees. You don’t have to start a new job to get involved in an apprenticeship program. From ages 16 to 18, all tuition will be paid by the government. If over the age 19, tuition fees will be fractionally paid by the government and your employer.

Every apprenticeship is different

There is a wide choice of apprenticeships and different tiers: Intermediate, advanced and higher. Also, every experience can vary. So far, I’ve had a great experience, I felt welcomed at the start and I am comfortable enough to step forward if I had any issues. Flubit also has a fun side where we have great days out ( Crystal Maze Experience was amazing), Christmas party and team bonding games (giant Jenga can be very tense at times 😀). But every workplace is different and there are many different apprenticeship schemes and program to pick from, so ask around and I hope you make the best decision for you.

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