National Wine Day – Fun Wine Facts

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national wine day

The 25th May marks National Wine Day, one of the best ways to welcome the bank holiday. So call up some friends and take your pick: Red, white or Rose, and to show our appreciation for the day, here are some fun wine facts from Flubit.


Aging Like Fine Wine

Most wine doesn’t get better with age, some wines mature faster than others, some are not made to age at all. Some wines are meant to be used soon after being bottled or will spoil.


Stop and Smell the Rosé

Not all rosés are sweet. Rose comes in so many other forms: Fruity, sparkling, dry and, sweet. So don’t be put off if sweet isn’t your thing.


Sip Happens When You Drink Wine

Women get drunk faster from wine because of their water to fat ratio.


You had me at Merlot

It was found that wine drinkers paid more for wines with hard to pronounce names.


Hope these fun facts help you impress some fellow wine drinkers. Enjoy the day and the bank holiday to come!

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