National Vegetarian Week: Top 5 money saving & meat free recipes

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We all know that a veggie diet can help you shed a few pounds, but did you know that in doing so your wallet is more likely to keep them! According to research published in the Journal of Huger & Environmental Nutrition, switching meat for veg in your meals is a surefire way to cut costs on your weekly shop.

So for all you carnivores out there, why not try something different this week and save yourself some pennies while you’re at it. Here’s some inspiration from five of our favorite veggie chefs to try at home this National Vegetarian Week…

Deliciously Ella, Sautéed Sesame and Aubergine Noodle Bowl

This satisfying noodle bowl is bursting with flavor and packed full of unexpected ingredients to distract your palate from a lack of meat. Quick and easy to make, give the full recipe a go here or discover more vegetarian recipes from Ella in Deliciously Ella Every Day on Flubit!

Jason Wyrick, Breakfast Chilaquiles

Spice up breakfast with these vibrant breakfast chilaquiles! A tasty tofu and pinto bean scramble sandwiched between two crispy corn tortillas, this popular Mexican dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Find Jason’s full recipe here – or try your hand at one of his other veggie (and vegan) creations from his book Vegan Mexico.

 Leon, Cauliflower Pizza

An Instagram favorite, cauliflower pizzas offer a quirky and low-carb twist on an Italian classic. Fun and simple to make, try this recipe for starters, or customise your toppings inline with your taste. For more fast and easy recipes from Leon, take a look at their cookbook Fast Vegetarian  here.

Nina Olsson, The Amazing Black Bean Burger

This clever little burger uses some ingredients that you might not have initially have in your cupboards, but it’s certainly worth stocking up for. With black beans and oats making up the bulk of your patty, these sumptuous burgers are an ideal alternative to beef. Try the full recipe for yourself here or tuck into more recipes from Nina from Bowls of Goodness available on Flubit. 

Madhur Jaffrey, Flattened Rice with Poha Potatoes

Feeling peckish? Try this simple Indian snack  from the Queen of Curry, Madhur Jaffret. Also accompaniment to a curry, this dish is packed with flavor and dangerously Moorish., with the full recipe available on BBC food here. For over 200 more vegetarian Indian dishes, pick up Madhur’s book Curry Easy Vegetarian here.


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