How to eat a little healthier – National Health Day

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healthy eatingAs most of you probably do not know, it’s National Health Day on Saturday! (7th April).

Even though summer is around the corner, health is important all year round. So I wish I could say I was a Popeye spinach eater and not a person that wakes up surrounded by several packets of Walkers crisp. I think we’ve all experienced the struggle of clean eating so here’s some cheap tips, tricks, and snacks to get you a step closer to a better lifestyle.


Popcorn is whole grain, high in fibre and low in calories. A great air-popped snack to satisfy those sweet temptations. Just keep it simple and try not to load up on sweet toppings.


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Frozen Fruit and Veg

The best thing about frozen fruit and veg is that it at hand already prepped. Frozen fruits are one of the easiest snacks at hand and easily stored. Frozen fruit also retains the best nutrients so give it a try.

Tip: Try frozen grapes as an awesome summertime snack!

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Low fat sauce

You may think your super healthy salad is great lunch but trust me, that dressing is bringing you down. Salad dressings are often high sources of saturated fats, therefore, undoing the healthy benefits of the salad. Look out for low cal or low-fat dressings if you’re keen to spice up your leafy greens.

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Store brand foods

Don’t be afraid of that Sainsbury’s brand cereal in your cupboard that you bought by accident. Store brand foods commonly contain fewer sugars (not always) fewer calories and are cheaper.

There’s food at home

A phrase you may be tired of hearing but is all too true. Not only is this saving money but numerous takeouts are not beneficial for you. Cooking at home gives you control of what you consume, therefore a healthier and more balanced diet. In continuation…

Use your leftovers

Cook in large portions and use your leftovers. Cooking large portions saves you time and money. Leftover food can be used in the next days, not just as meals themselves but for other recipes. Reduce the need to order a cheeky Chinese.


Hope these small tips give you a step in the right direction of health.

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