National Geographic Kids: The Coolest Books On The Planet

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Fun Facts For Little Minds 

The kid that reads National Geographic is a very cool kid indeed. Renowned the world over for its engaging, informative and iconic magazines and books, National Geographic has been around since 1888. Its use of stunning photography brings to life articles from the worlds of science, geography, history, nature, archaeology and geology. So, as you can imagine, Nat Geo’s kids’ version is the perfect read for youngsters looking to learn more about the incredible planet we inhabit – or get ahead with their homework. And what’s even better is the fact we’ve put together a selection of the best National Geographic Kids books available online today.

From the ultimate body encyclopaedia and bugs galore to cool inventions and exploration of the night sky, your child can enjoy all the latest facts and findings in classic Nat Geo style. 

Here are just a few of the National Geographic Kids books floating our boat this week:

That’s Gross!: Icky Facts That Will Test Your Gross-Out Factor

National Geographic Kids

Get the kids totally grossed out for just £7.57

Little brains love to learn – and the more gross and yucky the better. That’s why National Geographic Kids have published this weird and wonderful book. Celebrating all things gross, it features nauseating facts about the smelliest, slimiest, stickiest topics known to man. Guaranteed to make stomachs turn, each chapter is jam-packed with the colourful pics and sickly sidebars that’ll have your little ones laughing out loud for hours.

125 True Stories Of Amazing Pets

National Geographic Kids

The wildest animal antics, only £6.04

If your little person’s a fan of the animal kingdom, they’re going to love this pet-orientated paperback. Filled with inspiring tales of furry friendship and four-legged heroism, as well as numerous crazy animal antics, they’ll be entertained for hours.

Extreme Weather

National Geographic Kids

Always take the weather with you for just £9.65

Our weather’s been doing very out-of-character things of late. But with global warming sinking its evil little claws ever further into our climate, we’d better get used to it! With storms, droughts, snow, rain and ocean levels breaking records, it’s time to find out exactly what’s going down. This seriously interesting read will make an expert out of your little one in no time at all!

Just Joking

National Geographic Kids

A big barrel of laughs and only £4.02

Got a little joker in the house? Feed their funny side with over 300 silly jokes that never fail to get kids in stitches with laughter. From knock-knocks and tongue twisters to riddles and the traditional question and answer jokes, there are gags aplenty in this side-splitting read. But what’s really cool about this joke book is its visual impact. Using bold design and high quality, full-colour photos on every spread it stays true to Nat Geo style all the way through.

Get Pinterested In More National Geographic Kids Books

Our latest Pinterest board is packed with dozens more National Geographic Kids books, so hop on over there and discover the secrets of the fascinating planet we live on!

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