Must Read Books For New And Expecting Parents

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Having a baby can be delightful, exciting and the most life changing event that will ever take place in yours and your partner’s life. Over the next 9 months, you’re probably going to start thinking about the reasons why your body is changing and what your little bubba is up to at each trimester.

Some people may say don’t read books about pregnancy because pregnancy can be different for each woman and is something you can’t prepare for. But, why shouldn’t you educate yourself so you have some knowledge on what’s best for you and bump and what to expect in the future? 

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There are thousands if not millions of book available today just on pregnancy, which is a lot of books to get through. Which is why Flubit has asked Flubimums and Flubidads what books they recommend expecting parents to add to their library.

Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong and What You Really Need to Know by Emily Oster

Expecting better book

Pregnant women are often told the do’s and the dont’s when pregnant but hardly the reason behind it. If you want some answers to your questions to stop any worrying this book will do just that. Instead of telling you what’s right and what’s wrong Emily Oster provides figures and real facts and evidence from research that will help you make the right sensible decisions on multiple areas of pregnancy and birth.

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The Better Baby Book: How to Have a Healthier, Smarter Happier Baby by Lana Asprey

The better baby book

Every mother wants to have a healthy pregnancy and baby and one way to guarantee you that is a healthy diet, after all, you are eating for two. This book will shed a new light on what to include into your diet and what you should avoid whether you’re trying to get pregnant or already are. Flubit Employee Tia said, “This book includes cool tips and tricks that I haven’t found in other books such as eating the cabbage family can protect your baby from cancer”.

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The New Basics: A to Z Baby and Child Care for the Modern Parent by Michael Cohen 

The New Basics parenting book

No matter if you’re expecting your first child or your third you will always be bombarded with advice from friends, family and in particular your mother in law. Some may be useful and others may be outdated myths that you don’t need to worry about. The New Basics is a great book to have on standby if you come face to face with a fear or a new challenge you’re not sure about such as autism, rashes and weight.

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Dad FC Debut Dads: The First Season of Fatherhood: A Parenting Book for Dads by Alex Gross

Dad FC parenting book


A football fanatic father to be would truly appreciate this parenting rule book on the first season of fatherhood. This book goes through every tactic for the first 12 months of fatherhood. Everything from the special bond baby and mum has, also known as the head coach throughout the. Flubit Employee Joanna said, “This book is really funny I love the way it refers parenthood to football, it’s great!”

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First-Time Parent: The Honest Guide to Coping Brilliantly and staying sane in your baby’s first year by Lucy Atkins

First-Time Parent book

Any first-time parent to be that has zero experience in dealing with babies or children would use this book to turn to answer silly questions you may be shy to ask your midwife. Content includes practical advice that will prepare you for parenthood on everything from day to day life with a baby to simple step by step photos on how to change a nappy.

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