Music Documentaries: Get Closer To The Rockstars Than Their Pants (Well, Almost)

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We’ve all dreamt of becoming a pop or rock star at some point. Come on, admit it, you’ve posed in front of the mirror clutching a hairbrush and busting a few dodgy moves. No? Well, we bet you’ve done the whole singing-in-the-shower thing a few times, imagining you’re (insert artist’s name here), right? But if you haven’t been lucky enough to achieve pop stardom (and let’s face it, that’s most of us), why not get a little closer to those you idolise with one of our awesome music documentaries.

From rock ’n’ roll legends like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan to pop royalty like Madonna and Beyonce, we know you’ll find the perfect DVD in our range of music documentaries right here.

Check out some of the music documentaries striking a chord with the peeps at Flubit HQ this week:

Oasis: And It’s Goodnight From Him

Some Might Say it’s a bargain at just £3.79

If you’re a lover of the Britpop era, you’ll definitely maybe dig this DVD (like what we did there?). Brothers, Noel and Liam Gallagher always make for good viewing, which is why we’re still gutted that Oasis split up. Boo! Anyway, this documentary comes in two parts and tells the story of the band’s success via rarely-seen footage and interviews with the brothers and their closest friends. There are also contributions from music journalists, producers and sound engineers. Sorted, our kid. 

Cobain: Montage Of Heck

music documentaries

Intimate, moving and just £12.43

From Manchester, over to Seattle now – the setting of this intimate and moving rock documentary. If you’re a fan of Nirvana but don’t know much about (or are a tad obsessed with) their late lead singer, Kurt Cobain, this is a great way to get closer to the mind of the man who wrote the world’s best grunge albums. A touching tribute and a must-see for any music lover.

Lady Gaga: Off The Record

Set the record straight for only £11.34

One of the most eccentric pop stars of recent times, Lady Gaga, is laid bare in this honest interview. It chronicles her rise to pop stardom since her breakthrough album, The Fame, which made its debut 10 years ago (where has the time gone?). Discover the secrets of her personal life and career whilst admiring her unique style and attitude to life.

Beyonce: Behind The Glam

Irreplaceable and only £8.27

Nice try, Beyonce. We reckon that behind the glam, there’s just more glam – lashings and lashings of it! However, this documentary follows the path of the R ’n’ B star’s career with archive footage and interviews from those who know her well, such as ex-bandmate, Kelly Rowland, and proves that she didn’t always Run The World

More Music Documentaries Than You Can Shake A Mic At

Get even closer to your favourite bands and recording artists with our range of awesome music documentaries. You’ll find even more on our Pinterest board so check it out!

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