Up to 15% off all items – just pay with MUE!

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Did you know?

Everyday on Flubit.com we have over 1 Million household items cheaper than Amazon! 

These items are already discounted, but in 2019 we’ve introduced something amazing: 

An extra 15% off ALL items listed on Flubit.com! 
How? Just pay with the MUE currency!

It’s so easy to do so, read below to find out how: 

 Step 1) Get a MUE Wallet/account

  • Having a MUE wallet is just like having an online account you can top up with credits. You then can use these credits to buy items on Flubit, or even send and receive these credits between friends. 






N.b – We hope setting up the app is easy, but if you’d prefer to follow a simple guide you can for Android Guide or for iPhone Guide


Step 2) Add MUE coins to your account

  • Now you have your wallet setup, you can receive MUE coins to your app (learn more: Android or iPhone). There are a few ways you can can get MUE:
    • Pay with Credit/Debit Card: The easiest is to pay with your credit and debit card. You can do so at our partners: https://bittylicious.com/ . Enter your Receive address, confirm your identity, and pay for your MUE. 
    • Free MUE: Every-time your purchase using your mobile on Flubit.com you’ll receive free MUE, over time this will add-up to allow you buy something using MUE. 
    • Exchange BitCoin For MUE: If you own BitCoin, Ethereum or Ripple and want to exchange it for Monetary Unit, you can do that instantly at http://Flubit.com/get-mue/ 


Step 3) Pay with MUE at checkout, save 15%: 

  • Save 5% – Be Elite: Our Flubit Elite members automatically get 5% off every item listed on Flubit. You can find out about becoming Flubit Elite right here. We offer a month FREE trial with no strings attached! If you want, you can instead buy an annual subscription to Flubit Elite for 60% off, just by paying with MonetaryUnit (MUE)… see here
  • Save an additional 10% – Pay with MUE: When buying on Flubit.com, instead of selecting “Pay with Card”, choose “Pay with Crypto” and select the MUE Coin. Follow the simple instructions and we’ll discount the order by 10%. You can always read our handy little guide.


That’s it! Become Flubit Elite and pay with MUE and you could get yourself an additional 10% off every item until further notice! Are you completely new to CryptoCurrency and want a 101? Read our handy guide

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