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A great movie is not just a movie which is fantastic to watch, but it also is a movie that has a great soundtrack too. There are plenty of movies that we can think of that have us singing along at the top of our lungs, and for good reason.

With this in mind, we have put together some of the very best movie soundtracks, all from a variety of awesome movies.


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Okay, so it might be a kid’s film, but the Trolls soundtrack is pretty awesome. Whether it is for the sing along value, or simply because it features a whole host of famous names. This is definitely a movie soundtrack that you need to have in the car. The kids might request it, but you are going to be more than happy to play it!

Dirty Dancing

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Despite the fact that it has been a considerable amount of time since the movie was released. There is still something magical and special about the movie, and the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing. We love this film, and we know that we are not alone. Whether it is Hungry Eyes, She’s Like The Wind or the iconic Time Of My Life, there is absolutely no reason not to have this amazing movie soundtrack in your life.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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When you think of a Marvel film, chances are that soundtracks are not the first thing to spring to mind. But Guardians is different. Not only is the baby Groot the best thing we have ever seen, but we have to admit that as far as epic soundtracks go, this is right up there. Borrowing a range of hits from some classic artists such as David Bowie and the Jackson 5. This CD is one that will have you singing along like the rest of space isn’t listening.

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Pulp Fiction

A cult film that achieved rather worldwide fame, this amazing Tarintino film is not only known for its amazing acting and rather violent undertones. It is also known for featuring a variety of Motown and Soul classics too. Songs such as Son of a Preacher Man and Let’s Stay Together. If you buy this soundtrack then you definitely need a rather sharp suit to go with it!

Frozen Movie Soundtrack

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We know that we have already featured a kids film on this list, but to be honest, the little people seem to have the best songs in their films. Frozen was something of a worldwide smash, and whilst the story played a huge part of this, the songs also had to be a factor too. Love being able to sing (or should that be screech) along to Let It Go or some of the other classics in this film? If you do, then why not treat yourself to it? After all, there is a good chance that no-one will judge you.

So, no matter the movie soundtrack that you choose, there is something to be said about having one in your car. It may be the actual movie score, or perhaps an assortment of other songs, but thing is for sure, movie soundtracks are a must have!

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