Motivational Quote Prints For Lovers Of Feel Good Art

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Adorn Your Walls With Wonderful Words

When social media exploded onto our computer screens a few years back, a whole host of fridge magnet-style images with quotes did too. And not much has changed. You can’t flick through Facebook, trawl Twitter or explore Instagram without coming across some kind of inspirational phrase. You know the sort of thing: fancy font against a dreamy background, saying something like ‘Starve the ego, feed the soul’. And now such things have been given an upgrade in the form of motivational quote prints by Feel Good Art. And here at Flubit, we’ve got plenty of them to choose from.

Why not decorate your dining room with feel-good ‘family rules’ or adorn your office with ‘You can be anyone you want to be’. In fact, whatever space you’re looking to decorate, we’re sure to have the perfect motivational quote print to suit it.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our pick of the most handsome prints by Feel Good Art!

‘Sing Loud’ Wrapped Box Canvas by Feel Good Art

motivational quote prints

Let your art sing for only £16.53

If you know someone who loves to sing, this could be the ideal birthday present for them. With its music-orientated quotes and simple, modern design, it’s the perfect piece of decor for anyone who likes to use their vocal chords. Designed to put a smile on your face, this canvas is part of Feel Good Art’s Inspiration Collection and is ready to hang on the wall of any room in the house.

Nursery Canvas by Feel Good Art

motivational quote prints

Welcome them into the world for just £8.70

Expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Why not decorate their nursery with this super-cute canvas. Featuring a pretty illustration of a family of birds and cute typography spelling ‘You are our greatest adventure’, this is one of our most heart-warming motivational quote prints and is sure to get mums and dads-to-be feeling emotional (in a good way, of course)!

Family Rules Canvas by Feel Good Art

motivational quote prints

Fun for all the family, just £19.34

Every household needs its rules but they don’t always have to be negative (i.e. don’t jump on the sofas, don’t run on the landing, leave your shoes in the porch). At Feel Good Art, they’ve decided that ‘creating unforgettable memories’ and ‘dancing like no one’s watching’ is far more important. And we totally agree! This is the perfect decor for any bustling family home.

Blue Cyclist Typography Canvas by Feel Good Art

motivational quote prints

Wheel good motivation, only £15.62

Know someone who likes to live life in the cycle lane? This type-heavy canvas print will be right up their street. With its cool blue hues and words making up the form of a cyclist, they’ll be impressed with its sense of movement as well as motivation.

More Motivational Quote Prints

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