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It’s Time To Put A Lid On Being Skint!

Here at Flubit, we believe January is the perfect time for change – loose change to be specific. That means instead of spending every last penny in your pocket, you could be putting your hard earned dough to good use. Why not make 2018 the year you save up enough pennies and pounds to pay for that holiday you’ve been dreaming of or that stunning designer handbag you’ve had your eye on for an age. But how? We hear you ask. Well, with the help of one of our awesome novelty money boxes.

Our selection of money boxes is pretty eclectic, to say the least. We’ve got everything from the weird and wacky to the pretty and practical. What’s more, you won’t have to break the bank to afford one.

Here are just a few of our favourite ways to get saving:

Gift Boxed Ceramic Biscuit Money Box
money boxes

Take the biscuit for just £10.21

Go from skinted to minted with this good-enough-to-eat money box. It’s cunningly disguised to look like a stack of digestive biscuits. As with all the money boxes in our varied collection, it comes with a secure plug on the bottom to ensure easy storage and removal of your coins and notes. Probably not the best choice for those of you who’ve given up chocolate and/or biscuits for the new year but fear not – we have plenty more to choose from.

Love Life Death Canvas Boot Money Box
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Get sneaky with your savings for just £10.74

Stash your cash in the coolest way possible. This totally awesome money box looks just like a pair of kick-ass canvas sneakers and features tattoo-worthy illustrations. If you love skulls and get a kick out of saving up money, this is definitely the way to do it.

Ceramic Unicorn Keepsake Money Box

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Keep your cash cute for only £9.91

Everybody loves unicorns at the moment. We’re not sure why, but they’re absolutely everywhere (which is pretty impressive considering they’re merely mythical creatures). From the internet to clothing, our colourful horned companion is now available in the form of a ceramic money box. Perfect for anyone who wants to start chasing their dream in the cutest way possible!

Mo-Stash Money Box

money boxes

Mo money, mo possibilities – and just £13


What is it with moustaches at the moment? Like unicorns, they seem to be everywhere these days and Flubit HQ is no exception. If you want to keep your money where your mouth is (or just above it) then you should totally ‘mo-stash’ it in this fun money box. Quirky, silly and a little bit hipster, you’ll be making a statement as well as saving with this rather dapper little chap!

More Money Boxes Than You Can Shake A Tenner At

Check out our latest Pinterest board and you’ll soon be on the money, thanks to our wide variety of piggy bank ideas.

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