Mindfulness Monday: Top Self-Help Books

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Trade stress for serenity with our top self-help books on the Flubit market place. Whether you’re looking for an all-body makeover or just focusing on your mind – these books will certainly help you in the right direction. Discover our top 5 self help books below.

The Magic Of Thinking Big

Banish negative thoughts of disbelief and read this helpful guide, giving you the tools you need to change your life for the better – whether it’s in your relationships with loved ones or yourself, in your job or other areas of your life. Plan your own success-building programme with this set-by-step guide on steering the creative power you already have.


The Worry Trick

If you’re always worrying about things beyond your control, it’s time to take back that control with this insightful book explaining how your brain tricks you into worrying. It’s time to break the cycle once and for all, thanks to anxiety expert, David Carbonell, who will show you how to hijack the brain with techniques to help you break the worry cycles.


You Can Heal Your Life

Go on a journey of self-healing, focusing on your self-esteem and promoting self-love. This wonderful book by Louise Hay, who has more than 30 years experience in metaphysical exercise and has sold over 50 million books worldwide!


Buddhist Boot Camp

Timber Hawkeye explains everything there is to know about training the mind with this insightful boot camp book, designed for those with even the shortest of attention spans. We recommend this book for those looking for an overall mindfulness self-help book.


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Suitable for people of all walks of life, Elizabeth Gilbert shares her inspiration and wisdom to explore the understanding of creativity as well as breaking perceptions of mystery and suffering that surrounds the process. Sharing stories from her own life, Elizabeth shows you how she deals with challenges in her life, how to embark on a life-long dream and how to make every day count!

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