Luggage Essentials and Carry-On Suitcase Inspiration

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Pick up some luggage tips and tricks and you might even save yourself a bit of time at the airport! Well, no guarantees on that, but we’ll do what we can…

Check out our hints and travel essentials, including carry-on suitcase ideas!


Must-Know Suitcase Tips

Let’s talk weight, dimensions and all those numbers. Carry-on limits are getting tighter all the time, so don’t make that awkward realisation at the bag drop station.

Keeping it down to carry-on? The Constellation Universal Cabin Case is meant to fit most hand-luggage restrictions – no guarantees, but it might just do the trick.

Constellation COMBO-3318 Black Universal Cabin Case with 6 Piece Teal Travel Accessories inc. Luggage Tag and Passport Cover only £64.49 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionIdeal for business trips and weekends away, this Constellation Universal Cabin Case allows you to safely meet the hand-luggage restrictions…Go to Product

This lightweight fabric covered, fully lined Constellation suitcase is great if you’re set for a longer haul. Alternatively, check out this 3-piece hard shell suitcase set – it’ll see you through all kinds of trips and travels.

We think these electronic luggage scales could come in handy too. They go right up to 55kg.

Just make sure you give yourself enough time to pack – we can’t help with that part!


… and the Restrictions

Don’t be that person. Check in advance what you’re allowed to take onboard – it just makes life that little bit easier. We all know liquids are limited now, so get your bottle sizes in order, and think about stuff like food too.


Travelling with Tech

Remember the panic when everyone had to charge their phones and electronics to pass through security? Yep, that’s still a thing, so fill up those battery life bars before you go. Or bring a charging station in your hand luggage if it’s permitted.

Xtorm XW201 Wireless USB Qi Charging Station only £23.14 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionXtorm Charging station to charge your mobile devices wireless. USB output. Charging output 5V/1A. The technology Xtorm uses is called Qi. Compatible…Go to Product

And double-check the advice on how to store your charger and any spare batteries the right way.


Kids’ Luggage

Think about the way you travel, and how much your kids like to ‘help’. Do they insist on doing everything themselves? Would they rather wear a backpack or trundle a wheeled trolley case like the grown-ups?

Intelex Novelty Childrens Luggage Frog [Apparel] only £19.34 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionIntelex Novelty Childrens Luggage Frog…Go to Product

We love the fact that this children’s luggage trolley case transforms into a backpack when you remove the Trolli section. So handy in crowded places, and extra cuddly too!

Practicality all the way? Check out this two-piece kids’ luggage set for a wipe-clean shell and fun bee design.


Customise Your Cases

How many black suitcases do you see trundling around baggage claim? Customise with something bright but functional like this rainbow luggage strap. You won’t miss it on the carousel!

Star Wars Darth Vader Luggage Tag only £9.13 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThis Star Wars themed luggage tag is perfect for embellishing your luggage from suitcase to weekend duffel. Featuring an image…Go to Product

We think this Star Wars luggage tag is the way to go, because who would mess with Darth Vader’s holdall? Not us, that’s for sure.

Or clip it onto your hand luggage and take a little bit of the Dark Side everywhere you go.


Do You Need TSA Luggage Locks?

TSA-approved locks can be opened by security agents in the USA (and some other destinations) using a universal key. Which means they can get in for safety checks easily, while still letting you to lock your case shut.

Yale TSA Luggage Strap, Grey only £10.78 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionTSA Recognised – Changes colour when lock has been opened (by security personnel) ABS Lock Body Polypropylene strap Includes inspection indicator Red in colour…Go to Product

Pick up a Yale TSA luggage strap or grab a TSA-ready key lock right here.

And you’re ready to go. Bon voyage!

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