Life at University, What Really Happens?

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It’s the start of a new academic year and you’re buzzing as you proved your teacher wrong and received the grades you need to do your university course, congratulations. You think this is where your life finally gets put together. You make a pledge to yourself that you will start a clean diet along with a clean house, you’ll hit the gym regularly and you won’t let any work catch up on you. That’s what you want to happen, but what will really happen…

o You’ll start the first week or two eating clean as your parents helped you to do your first food shop. When the independence hits you and you have to do your first food shop you’ll realise how expensive and time-consuming eating healthy is and results in a basket full of pot noodles, meal deals and anything that can be heated in the microwave.

o You’ll end up ordering a lot more takeaways than expected after a long day of lectures which results in you talking to the delivery driver more than your own family.

o Deadlines are nothing to worry about until you give in on a cheap night out with the girls or lads which result in a weekend stressing over an assignment.

o Your pledge on being organised has gone out the window as you always forget the virtual things needed for your lecture.

o You’re soon wishing you’ve gone out the window along with your pledge. As you’re sitting in a two-hour lecture that has nothing to do with your course.

o Wikipedia will be your best friend as you left it to late to loan a book out at the library and you can’t afford to buy a copy yourself.

o You wished you budgeted your student finance better as it won’t stretch as far as you thought it would. You’ll soon find yourself putting
pennies together to buy simple things like a pen!

o You attend fairs just to get the freebies so you no longer need to scrape a few pennies together to buy a pen.

o Deadline day will feel like Doomsday.

o All the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it in the end. As you receive the result you need to land yourself  your dream job, you’ve made some great friends who are now family and have gained some life experience you’ll never forget!

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