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Feeding your lawn may seem to be a novel idea, but lawn food is a real gardening resource. Those that have green fingers will understand that regardless of what you’re trying to grow, nurture is the key. There are however some of us that feel that we can kill a plant by simply looking at it. It is this group of people that often feel they need help. Even when it comes to growing grass. The average person may wonder whats involved in growing grass and how difficult can it possibly be? Ask those that envy the skills of the green fingered brigade and soon you’ll discover that there is in fact a science to cultivating a well trimmed even green lawn.

Lawn food – where the grass is greener

Providing nutrients for plants is not a new concept. Well rotted compost has been a cultivation tool for thousands of years. The use of manure has been a well known elixir for agricultural produce that has been difficult to grow. The spread of manure to enhance the quality of field grazing remains a popular practice even today. Mankind however has advanced and we are now able to develop plant specific nutrition, down to the grass that we grow in our gardens.

lawn food Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food Carton, 2 kg only £7.73 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionGreens lawns in 3 days Lawns stay thicker and greener for up to eight weeks Slow release and water smart formula -…Go to Product


Lawn builder products are excellent for gardeners that want to see a difference in their lawn quickly. Especially if they want to make a difference without growing a jungle. Avoiding the overgrown effect is importance because it prevents darker green patches in some places. Scott’s lawn builder will show a difference to the lawn in about three days without it developing that jungle look. A box covers about 100 square metres and doesn’t include scorch fertiliser. The slow release and water smart formula is exactly the reason for the success of this product. Efficient results without too much to handle.

Fighting off the weeds

Sometimes the weeds just get to be too much to handle on their own. On occasion a good weedkiller may work. The key however is to be able to integrate weed management with cultivating a healthy looking lawn.

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The trick is clearly to be able to grow the grass as green as always without the effect of scorch fertilisation. Scott’s lawn builder with weed control feeds the grass for up to eight weeks and keeps the usual culprits at bay. Weeds such as dandelions and the prolific daisy can be hard to control. This product seems to have the issue well under control with consummate ease. With the same slow release formula as the parent lawn builder product, the grass will flourish while the weeds fade away. A real win – win situation.

Green lawns all year round

A painlessly cultivated green lawn all year round, is every gardeners dream. Scott’s have this little issue under the belt with their autumn lawn food recipe, especially designed for the cooler months.

Autumn lawn food Scotts Lawn Builder Autumn Lawn Food Bag, 8 kg only £24.05 on Flubit.comBrief Description* Prepares the lawn for winter by strengthening the roots * Provides better greening the following spring…Go to Product

Formulated to specifically prepare lawns for the cold winter months. This lawn food encourages additional root growth. By strengthening the roots it provides for better greening in the spring as the warmer days begin to dawn. There is no need to water this product in and in the same way as the others there is no scorch fertilisation or surge growth.

These products offer a routine solution to a lovely green lawn that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It only takes a little effort and the lawn food will improve the appearance of the garden, possibly even increasing the value of your home.

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