Laptop bags – practical considerations when buying

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Laptop bags find their way into most homes where there is a mobile computing device. In fact you would be hard pushed to find a home without a mobile piece of tech, even in less developed countries. Considering this, we often take for granted the everyday accessories that a neccesity to our modern tech lifestyles. transporting the tech we have, has become something we simply accept we have to do and thus, purchasing the items to make it happen os often an afterthought.

Laptop bags fit for purpose

Although many households boast at least one laptop computer, the household lifestyle is likely to vary in many ways. The needs of a student compared to a businessman are often very different. Students use public transport and often have to walk greater distances carrying their laptop bags in comparison to the businessman. Over the years the old fashioned over the back satchel has evolved into the backpack we see everyday. Handy backpack styled laptop bags are the choice of students and travelling salesmen alike, as well as the self employed that need to get around easily.

laptop bags backpacks HP 40cm Essentials Kit for 16 inch Notebook only £37.61 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionMade of water-resistant material Accented with synthetic leather with contoured zipper pulls Compartments for your essentials Padded shoulder straps and back support, with…Go to Product

it is important to consider size and most laptop sizes refer to the screen size. When purchasing a laptop bag, make sure that you have considered the screen size of your device. The HP Essentials kit will comfortably hold most laptops, but dont get caught if you have 17 inch laptop. Tight fits will not keep your expensive technology safe.

The business travellers transport tech solution

Those that travel by air frequently for business will know the need for compact solutions. The competition for space in overhead lockers on aircraft can be difficult to deal with. The hybrid rollalong backpack makes commuting far easier. When having to carry other bags through an airport or railway station this handy bag makes the job all that muh easier.

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The warning about size will reappear. Although this item will only accomodate a 15 to 15.6 inch laptop, a wider search should return a result for larger machines. It is useful for any mobile devicee, be it a laptop, Macbook, tablet, or surface tablet. You will find passing theough pssport control much easier as other travellers struggle with a cluttered lugage arrangement.

Briefcases or laptop bags?

Is it a briefcase or is it a laptop bag? Why cant it be both? targus have been making laptop bags ever since the first laptops became freely available. With quality workmanship you can expect this bag to last. Aside from the required compartments to house your laptop, there are plenty of other little nooks and crannies in this piece of luggage to store just about anything.

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The over the shoulder strap, combined with the strong handle provide that smart business impression, while the inside offers all the practical considerations you could need. Place to store brochures papers and additional books, or place for your notes. Not that you would really need a pen when using tech, but there is place for stationery too.

Things to consider

When you are buying a laptop bag there are two things to bear in mind. The first is the size of the device in relation to the capacity of the bag. The second is the overall purpose. If you fly frequently and take your laptop with, then the rol along bag will be high on the list for you. If you travel in packed commuter trains then the backpack will make life far easier for you. if you ravel short trips and need to present in a strong business environment, then the hybrid briefcase will work for you. Most of these products come in different sizes to accomodate different size devices, so dont be shy to place your practical needs first and then ensure that you are purchasing the correct size.

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