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Learn A New Lingo In Time for Next Summer!

Now that the cold weather’s setting in, you’re probably daydreaming about far-off, sun-drenched shores and thinking about planning your next holiday. But before you book that getaway, why not learn a new lingo so you can communicate with the locals? Being bilingual (or indeed multilingual) can really broaden your horizons, that’s why, here at Flubit, we’ve decided to put together a selection of the best language books and CDs available at the moment.

So, whether you fancy French, want to practise Portuguese or would love the challenge of Chinese, you’ll find the perfect way to learn with one of our awesome language books and CDs.

¡Vamos! (that’s Spanish for ‘come on!).

Total German Foundation Course: Learn German with the Michel Thomas Method
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Be fabulously fluent in a matter of days, for just £56.44

The late, great Michel Tomas was the king of languages and his unique way of teaching is still incredibly popular – and successful today. Instead of referring to books, flash cards or homework, just listen. You’ll be surprised how sponge-like your brain is and in a really short space of time, you’ll be speaking German like a native. It really is that simple!

Unlocking Italian with Paul Noble
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Italian’s a Pisa cake – and only £6.85

‘There is nothing so complicated in foreign languages that it cannot be made simple’, says Paul Noble, linguist and author of Unlocking Italian. If you’ve ever tried to learn Italian and found it a little difficult, this is one of the best language books you can invest in. He tried-and-tested method keeps things simple with three basic rules: don’t skip anything, don’t try to memorise and test yourself by covering things up. You’ll be ordering pizza like a pro in no time!

Get Started in Danish: Beginner to Intermediate Course Book and Audio CD

Live Danishly for just £19.33

Scandinavia and Denmark have never been hotter. No, we’re not referring to the climate, that’s still icy cool. We mean their laid-back lifestyle, fashion and er, TV shows. Thanks to the rise in popularity of exports like ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’ and dramas like The Bridge and The Killing (and that jumper), there’s never been a better time to be Danish. So if you want a slice of the good life, why not learn Danish with this easy-to-digest book and audio CD.

Berlitz Language: Hungarian Phrase Book and Dictionary

Satisfy your hunger for Hungarian at just £4.40

Hungry to learn some Eastern European lingo? This Berlitz Hungarian phrasebook and dictionary will introduce to all the basics, such as food and drink, etiquette, culture and travel with a selection of everyday words and phrases.

Spanish Phrasebook: 1,001 Easy To Learn Spanish Phrases
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Spain in a nutshell, just £6.97

Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in the world so it totally makes sense to learn the lingo. Imagine how many countries across the globe you could potentially live and work in if you spoke Spanish fluently! This handy phrasebook is perfect for beginners and those looking to brush up on rusty skills.

Quiero mas language books?

Want more language books? Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas. 

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