How To Become A Savvy Shopper With Elite

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Do you like to shop around at different retailers to find the best prices? Are you secretly smug when you find the best price online and everyone else thinks you paid the top price? Or perhaps you’re saving for a deposit or the kid’s education so you’ve found resourceful ways to cut down your household spending?

Perhaps you’ve never classified yourself as a savvy shopper, but if you said yes to two or more of the questions above then you definitely qualify!

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At Flubit we’re always trying to create better offers for our users while supporting our British merchants. This is why we created Elite.

What you need to know about Elite: 

FREE 30-Day Trial

Flubit offers customers that are interested in becoming Flubit Annual Elite members a free 30-day trial at the beginning of the subscription. Once the 30-day trial is over you will then have to pay a yearly or monthly fee of £15.

Elite is only available to current registered users with Flubit, so if you have not registered you will have to create an offer with us by copying and pasting an Amazon product URL into, you will then be asked to create an account. Once this is done you can register for a free trial using this link.

Demand from

You can browse for the best discounts and get them discounted further by copying and pasting the URL into or using the Chrome Extension.

You can also demand from other big retailers

Only Elite members can create lower prices and save up to 15% off 14 other big retailers. Keep an eye out as we are planning on growing this list!

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Support British retailers

You might not know it, but Flubit actually helps British sellers win back orders that might otherwise go to overseas retailers, as all our integrated merchants are UK based sellers. On top of this, we don’t charge any commission, whereas other marketplaces charge anywhere from 7.45% of the cost of the good.

We also pay our taxes in the UK 😉

Say goodbye to waiting

You will no longer have to wait around for your offers as you will get instant offers straight away.

Offers last longer, yay

Your offers will last 48 hours instead of 16-26 hours. You can also use your Flubit points to revive expired offers so you cab buy again within 24 hours. Find out more here.

Special deals just for you

Every month Flubit dedicate a week exclusive to Annual Elite users offering up to 20% off a certain category. These categories can range from video games to home and garden essentials.

Starting from the 5th of December you can save up to 20% off toys and games!

100% Money back guarantee

That’s right, we’re so confident that you will save money with Flubit Elite that we will refund you 100% of your annual membership fee if you don’t save more than the price of the membership

Make sure you sign up to Elite Annual membership to qualify for our money back guarantee.

Use our chrome extension to demand better prices while on other retailers website 

If you never knew before now you know about our life changing Flubit Chrome Extension. Simply follow the steps in this article on how to get offers wherever you shop online, whether it’s or!

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No Ties

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but please don’t break up with us!

It’s so cheap!

The membership costs £1.50 a month or £15 a year, that’s half a coffee a month or 1 dinner a year.

Choosing which membership options you should go for

If you truly are a savvy shopper you would have noticed that our monthly members end up paying more every year and get less access to deals. The price difference is only £3 more than annual members, however on top of the additional price if you sign up for a monthly membership you don’t get access to increased discounts nor can you claim our 100% money back guarantee – I know which one I’d go for!

Compare Elite memberships

Don’t believe our word for it – read our customers reviews 

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Life just got easier

Keep an eye out in the new year for Flubit’s first ever app called Flubit Go, offering same day delivery for users in London, Manchester and Bermingham. Find out more here.


Start your 30-day FREE trial today! 

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