Highlights of 2018 Marketing Expo @ ExCeL

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On the 21st March, my colleague and I attended the 2018 Marketing Expo at the ExCel London, indulging ourselves in everything that this booming industry has to offer. 700 interactive exhibitions, 500 Seminars, 200 masterclasses and 40 stages all hosted alongside each other gave us plenty to explore. We also had the opportunity to attend insightful talks from influential figures in marketing. Here are some that stood out this year.


The marketing technology landscape

The first talk we attended was by Scott Brinker from Chiefmartec.com. The “Marketing legend”, becoming a CEO at only 21, is now one the biggest names in martech (marketing technology). He quickly got into mastering the many technology tools needed by marketers.



Brinker showcased the exponential growth of marketing technologies. Including the increase by 5000% to over 7,500. He explained how this rapid growth was a is a result of how easy it’s become for businesses to create their own tools from open source services. Scott Brinker says, “The reason I put together that slide of around 5,000 tools, was that I was trying to viscerally communicate just how technologically dependent marketing was becoming, and it worked!”

A question that may cross your mind is how do you pick the right marketing tool for you out of all the accessible?

Firstly, the tools you use for your business should be based on your company needs and functions. Come up with your own criteria specification and make sure any marketing tools you decide to work with, adhere to your criteria. Also, leave room for company growth. This can be increased in customers or increase in workforce, for example. As well, ensure the price of this device is worth the price. It is essential for you to plan accordingly to your budget and needs.


Martec’s law reveals the management problem

Martec’s law was another notable concept Scott Brinker spoke of. The law captures the challenges of modern times being that technology is moving so fast, and we are moving too slow. The research concludes that even though the development of technology changes at rapid rate, the implementation of tools within companies is steady at best.  It was said by Scott that it is very important we recognise this growth and try to make a change for the better of our organisations.


Email Automation is full steam ahead

Mailchimp also held an insightful seminar on the benefits of marketing automation. Marketing automation is essentially optimising your task handling by setting up automatic responses triggered by customers actions. Automation allows you to meet the right people at the right time saving you a lot of time when you have thousands of customers.

Welcome emails

Welcome emails can be induced by customers manually subscribing to your mail list or creating an account. Here you can create an advertisement of what you site must give. Some welcome emails even and out perk with the subscription to entice the customer. For example, free delivery.

Cart abandonment

Mailchimp went on to state the obvious that customers can get distracted, A tweet, an email, a name call, and your sale is gone. What’s the harm in reminding the potential customer of what they left behind. Abandoned cart automation can easily solve this issue and turn your forgotten products into another successful sale.

Birthdays messages

Who doesn’t like a thoughtful birthday gift? Such as 20% of from their favourite website or even free delivery on their special day. Customisation allows customers to feel welcomed and appreciated, resulting in a great customer experience and a more likely to return client. Mail automation makes this an easier outcome to achieve and an effective one.

In whole, the exhibition was extremely informative and gave helpful know-hows and how-tos that I can take away and apply to my own work. I look forward to attending next years event to see how many more new technologies will come about and which will be adopted by most.

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