Harry Potter Gift Ideas For Avid Fans

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Potter Themed Presents For Fantastic Fanatics

Looking for the perfect present for a wannabe witch or wizard? Our selection of Harry Potter gift ideas will provide you with all the inspiration you need. But there’s no need to seek the Sorting Hat’s help, wave a magic wand or plan a trip to Diagon Alley. Here at Flubit, our vast array of Harry Potter books, accessories and novelty items means you’ll easily find something for every type of Potterhead.

Whether they’d be guaranteed a place in Gryffindor, hands-down Hufflepuff, relatively Ravenclaw or swaying more towards Slytherin (shudder!), there’s a perfect gift for your witch or wizard friend or relative right here.

‘Harry Potter: Page to Screen’ Book
harry potter gift ideasThe making of the magic, £30.83

An absolute must-read for die-hard fans, this magical book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of the most popular film series in cinema history. From the acquisition of the film rights to the casting of Harry, Ron and Hermione, it reveals all the filming secrets. It’s also packed with never-before-seen photos, exclusive interviews, quotes and stories from the cast and creative team.

Daniel Radcliffe and his fellow cast members tell of how their personal lives and growing up were shaped by playing the film’s unforgettable characters, giving the reader an in-depth view of the inner workings of this phenomenal film and book series.

Collectible Quidditch Set

harry potter gift ideas
A whole new ball game, only £14.79

Extra points will be awarded for gifting this official Harry Potter collectible Quidditch set, you mark our words! The set comprises 2 Quaffles, 1 Bludger, 1 Bat and a 16-page book featuring 8 full-colour stickers, all presented in the classic Quidditch trunk (don’t worry if you haven’t the foggiest idea what these things mean, your Harry Potter gift recipient will – and that’s all that matters).

Hogwarts Men’s Mule Slippers

harry potter gift ideas
Settle into Hogwarts for just £13.25

Want to warm someone’s feet in a jiffy? These slippers will do the trick – and there’s absolutely no wizardry required. Available in sizes 8 to 10, these magical men’s mules will keep tootsies toasty and looking the part. Perfect for the avid Potter fan!

Gryffindor Crest Ceramic Mug in Gift Box


harry potter gift ideas

Enjoy a more magical cuppa for only £7.66

One of our most practical Harry Potter gift ideas, this branded mug is so awesome we’re sure even a mere Muggle will appreciate it! With its Gryffindor crest and authentic Harry Potter packaging, it’s the perfect gift for aficionados of all ages.

Wrebbit 857-Piece 3D Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower Puzzle


harry potter gift ideas

Perfect puzzling for Potter fans, £38.51

If your Potter-mad pal or relative loves to create, this stunning 3D replica of Hogwarts Astronomy Tower will be sure to fire their imagination. With a whopping 875 pieces, it’s not something they’ll be completing in an hour (unless they know a spell we don’t) so it’ll make the perfect project for a little witch or wizard who loves a challenge. Each piece is foam-backed to ensure a durable build.

Want More Harry Potter Gift Ideas?

Our Pinterest board is full of inspiration for gifting that special person with a passion for all things Potter.

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