Hacks Every iPhone 7 User Should Know About

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Thinking about upgrading to a new shiny iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Perhaps you’re already a proud owner of Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 7. There haven’t been any major changes since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus apart from minor changes like the new headphone/charging port which caused a storm when it was first announced. Whether your phone is in your hand or still at the shops with your name on it, these little hacks will guarantee you your money’s worth and make life with your new phone a tad easier! 

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Make your home button feel like a button 

You’re probably thinking the home button looks exactly the same as the button on other models? But, the first thing you’ll notice when you first set up your new iPhone is you can no longer click the button, instead, Apple has decided to upgrade to haptic feedback. Which is just a fancy term for it vibrates so it feels like your clicking a button.

You can adjust the home button settings to your preferences by going into your settings. Click ‘General’ then ‘Home Button’ to see your options. If you prefer being able to feel like click then option 3 will be the best for you as the vibrations make it more realistic. 

How to restart your phone. 

Since Apple decided to change their home button you can no longer hold down your home and power button to restart our device. Instead, you have to hold down your power button and down volume button at the same time until it restarts, you should also see the Apple logo.  

Drop your phone in the bath… I dare you! 

Only joking, please don’t. Even though the new iphone7 is splash and water resistant we wouldn’t recommend you taking a splash with your new device unless you want to fork out on a new device. If your phone sadly ever does come into contact with water a message on your screen will pop up to warn you. 

iphone 7 water warning
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Capture the moment quicker and in better quality 

Remember the days when we use to swipe, enter a password and a few taps to get the camera into the right settings? I’m glad to say that them days are officially over, you will no longer miss the moments you wished you captured as all you need to do know is swipe left to get your camera ready, just how you would on tinder.

Apple has also improved their camera to a 12MP sensor with optical image stabilisation, 60% faster performance, wide colour capture and a lens that brings more light. Not only did Apple improve their main camera they also improved their front camera by upgrading it to a 7MP. 

Get Lyrics to your favourite song. 

Lyrics in music app on iphone 7
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Apple music now allows you to check out the lyrics of the song you are listening to. All you need to do is tap the three little dots in the right corner and select lyrics. 

You can still use your fancy headphone with a headphone jack!

When Apple announced they will be combining the headphone and charging port the first thing that came to mind was “How am I going to use my brand new expensive headphones”. What we didn’t know is Apple include a mini adapter when you buy any iPhone 7 that allows your to still use your old headphones. 

Charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. 

Another problem that you’ll come face to face with since apple has decided to only have a lightning port for headphones and your charger is you won’t be able to both at the same time. However, there is one way you can do both which results in another expensive adapter purchase.

Belkin Lightning Audio for iphone 7
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