Grab a Refillable Water Bottle and Go!

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We’ve got a Brita water bottle that filters on the move, and kids water bottles that are cute and practical. No big on plain water? Then check out our fruit infused water bottle for a great way to add juicy flavours.

When a heat wave hits, you want to stay hydrated – and it’s healthy the rest of the year too. But if you want to cut down on single use plastic, you need an awesome reusable bottle.

So we rounded up a selection of refillable water bottles that fit in with your lifestyle. You know the drill. Fill it at home, drink up and refill as needed throughout the day – wash and repeat!


ViVo© Flip Fruit Infusion Infusing Water Bottle

ViVo© Flip Fruit Infusion Infusing Water Bottle Hydration Sport Health Gym Juice Flip Cap Black only £4.34 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThe fruit Infuser water bottle, with fruit basket holder,allows you to add your favourite fruit flavours to water The fruit…Go to Product

Infuse your water with fresh fruit, berries or green tea. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Whether you’re a reluctant plain water drinker or you just want to give your drink a summery twist, it’s a tempting option.

The design is really clever, using a sieve-style basket to keep your ingredients in one place. Between sips, they infuse your drink with those fresh flavours. But when it’s time to sip, they don’t get in the way of the spout

Plus it’s stain-resistant and BPA-free!


Rosti Mepal Ellipse Water Bottle – Nordic Pink

Rosti Mepal Ellipse Water Bottle – Nordic Pink only £10.32 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionHealthy, eco-friendly, affordable, well this is modern and refillable bottle from Rosti Mepal. Convenient in the work, while practicing sport…Go to Product

Super stylish, no? We love the simple design of this BPA-free water bottle.

The smart storage people at Rosti Mepal have been making kitchenware and containers for decades, but their design style is contemporary through and through.

Your new Nordic Pink water bottle is eco-friendly and easy to use. There’s a loop to carry it around, with a simple white screw cap to keep the liquid where it should be. And it’s drip-proof and dishwasher safe into the bargain.


BRITA fill&go Vital Water Filter Bottle – Pink

BRITA fill&go Vital Water Filter Bottle – Pink only £9.02 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThe water filter bottle with integrated activated carbon filtration reliably transforms tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water…Go to Product

This clever filter water bottle from Brita is fitted with a MicroDisc to cut down on chlorine and the other stuff that’s in our tap water.

After 4 weeks, just switch it out for a replacement. Essentially, Brita water bottles work just like your home filter on a slimmer scale.


Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle

Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle only £8.59 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionLeak-Proof Puff Valve Spout Provides A Quick Flow Of Water For Instantaneous Hydration And Prevents Leaking When Not In Use….Go to Product

Not drinking enough water, or gulping it down too soon? This Nike sports water bottle is translucent so you can so how much you’ve already had – and stay on target.

Your new BPA-free water bottle is ergonomically designed, so it’s convenient to keep it with you. The leak-proof valve spout is designed to keep the water inside when it’s not in use. But when you take a sip, it’s designed to flow fast so you don’t waste time during your workout.

Want a solution that folds right up? Nike’s HyperCharge bottle is designed with a flip-out straw. It’s designed to be ergonomic and durable, but what else would you expect from the sports brand?


KooGa Water Bottle Silver/Black

Kooga Water Bottle Silver/Black – size One Size only £7.08 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionSilver Water Bottle made by KooGa Primarily Silver in colour. Plastic material. KooGa logo applied. Suitable for Adults…Go to Product

This black and silver water bottle from KooGa is ready for rugby players (and sports fans too). It holds 750 ml so it’ll work hard on and off the pitch.

Grab a handy KooGa Water Bottle Bag if you’re carrying a few. This one holds up to 8 KooGa bottles.


LittleLife Water Bottle (Safari)

LittleLife Water Bottle (Safari) only £12.43 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThis cute water bottle is perfect for keeping little people hydrated whilst they are on-the-go! Featuring a no-spill pop-up straw…Go to Product

Take a safari trip! To the zoo, the park… wherever you go, keep your kids hydrated. This LittleLife water bottle comes with its own pop-up straw (so you don’t need to worry about disposable ones).

And how cute are the animal friends who decorate this jolly day-bag essential?


Hello Kitty Water Bottle on Sandwich Box

Hello KItty Water Bottle on Sandwich Box only £7.63 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionLunch Box with Sports Bottle of Hello Kitty The box is approx. 21x14x8,5 cm tall The bottle is approx. 18…Go to Product

The box is great for everyday sandwiches, bento, snacks… whatever you want to pack! You know how a lunchbox works, but what we’re trying to say is it’s a nice compact option.

Store the handy little Hello Kitty water bottle on the side of the lunchbox, and your kids won’t have to open up the whole box to reach it. Spillage averted!


MEPAL Campus Water 400 ml Pop Up Bottle Ultimate Spiderman

MEPAL Campus Water 400 ml Pop Up Bottle Ultimate Spiderman only £13.84 on Flubit.comBrief Description400 ml 64 x 70 x 184 mm Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polymer Using the clip on attach to…Go to Product

Even superheroes need to drink up! Keep your junior Avenger refreshed with this Spider-Man water bottle.

It’s another solution from Mepal. This one holds 400 ml of water to keep kids going for a while.


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