Glamping Gear For Your Best Outdoor Adventure Yet

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The Great Outdoors Just Got Even Greater!

We all love the idea of going camping but let’s be honest, we prefer our creature comforts way more. A hot flask of tea, barbecued food and something comfortable to sleep in… yep, it’s fair to say most of us are nothing like Bear Grylls (who wants to snack on grasshoppers anyway?). That’s why ditching proper camping for ‘glamping’ (glamourous camping) is totally the way forward. We’ve got a large collection of glamping gear designed to make your outdoor adventure as smooth and comfy as possible. So pitch up and get ready for your cosiest camping trip yet.

The Essential Camping Cookbook
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The recipe for successful camping, only £13.92

Cooking in the great outdoors couldn’t be simpler with this awesome essential camping cookbook. If you were ever in the Scouts then this book might take you on a culinary trip down memory lane – or simply teach you a thing or two about making the most of what you have when you don’t have much at all. For example, if you’re out of pots and pans, fear not – a campfire breakfast can be achieved by cracking an egg into the peel of half an orange then cooked over hot coals for 3-5 minutes. Yes, really.

Vango Universal Tent Carpet
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Treat your feet for only £21.29

There’s nothing worse than camping in a cold, damp tent. This snazzy, super-soft nylon woven carpet offers the perfect way to add comfort to the floor of your temporary outdoor abode. It also provides insulation for under-foot warmth on those less-than-toasty British camping trips (we’ve all been there, right?). A real treat for chilly, wet feet. 

Yellowstone Rapid 4 Tent
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Lightning fast glamping, just £55.69

Gone are the days of wrestling with tents in strong winds, struggling to get the pegs into the ground when it’s awash with muddy rainwater. With a quick-pitching umbrella action, this tent can be assembled in just one swift motion. And putting it away is just as simple. Fire retardant, with taped seams and a built-in groundsheet, this is by far the simplest way to get a roof over your head.

Premier LED Lightbulb
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Let there be light, for only £7.46

OK, so perhaps not an essential piece of glamping gear but definitely better than clutching a torch whenever you want to locate the creature that just bit you on the leg. These light bulbs come in assorted colours and can be used inside tents or under parasols. Just pull on the bulb holder to switch on and off – simple!

Uno Dare
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Game on! Only £8.37

No camping trip is complete without gathering everyone around the campfire for a game of cards, and Uno Dare is the perfect one for the job! The aim of the game? To force your opponent to draw two cards or perform a dare from three different categories; Family, Daredevil and Show-off. Unpredictable and absolutely hilarious, this is the ideal way to poke fun out of your friends and relatives. So go on, we dare you to purchase!

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