The Best Christmas Gifts For Sisters

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Because She’s Worth It!

Nobody knows your sister like you do, so when it comes to buying her a Christmas present, you’re the best person for the job! However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have moments when you simply can’t think of anything to buy her for Christmas. That mental block? It happens to us all – and that’s why Flubit is on hand to give you that little nudge in the right direction. Our team have put together a selection of the coolest, cutest and most indulgent gifts for sisters, from beautiful bling and bath treats to fabulous photo frames and just-for-fun, novelty items.

Check out some of our favourites:

Wooden ‘Clothes Line’ Box Photo Frame

gifts for sisters

She’s been framed for just £10.90

If sis is a sucker for the sentimental things in life, she’ll adore this decorative box frame, made from natural wood. It has room to display three different photos and can be suspended from the ‘clothes line’ using its mini pegs. But this shabby-chic style frame doesn’t just cater for snaps, it can also be used to display other mementos such as concert tickets, love notes, autographs or even baby scans. The choice is her’s!

Classic Pina Colada Cocktail Set

gifts for sisters

Cause a stir for just £14.86



Containing 2 x pina colada glasses, 2 x coasters, 2 x cocktail umbrellas, 2 x pineapple stirrers and 2 x paper straws, this super-cool classic cocktail set is sure to go down a treat with sisters aged 18 and over. Want to earn yourself extra brownie points? Nip to the supermarket and buy her all the ingredients to make the pina coladas and we guarantee her Christmas will be the merriest yet!

Voluspa Maison Blanc Prosecco Bellini Maison Candle

gifts for sisters

Hangover-free prosecco, only £21.87

Sisters love luxurious gifts so this indulgent prosecco bellini-scented candle will ensure you’re onto a winner. With a double wick and up to 50 hours of burn time, she’ll enjoy creating a tranquil atmosphere fit for any occasion. Whether she loves to throw a dinner party, enjoys long steaming bubble baths or simply snuggling by the fire with a good book, this gorgeous candle will help create the desired mood. Oh, and prosecco. Enough said!

‘Unicorns Are Jerks’ Colouring And Activity Book

gifts for sisters

Colour her happy for just £6.62

As far as gifts for sisters go, this one ticks all the right boxes. Colouring books? Very now. Unicorns? Bang on-trend. Making marks? Proven to be good for the mind. So, what are you waiting for? This unicorn colouring book is a total no-brainer! What’s more, it does away with the tradition that unicorns (though not real, obvs) are calm, serene beings and shows us that they’re in fact as rebellious, sarcastic and mischievous as the rest of us! For extra brownie points, buy her the colouring pens too. You’re welcome.

Still On The Hunt For Christmas Gifts For Sisters?

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