Giant Garden Games: Big Family Fun!

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Round up your family and friends for the biggest board game showdown with these giant garden games!

They’re almost impossible to resist, and we bet you already have your family’s favourite nemesis in mind. Will you connect 4 colours in a row to win, or take your chances on the giant stacking tower? Pick a game and get your strategy ready for this winning summer garden activity!


Traditional Garden Games Garden Four in a Row

Is it a real giant garden games challenge without four in a row? Bring your finest tactics to the board and take on the colourful

We think this one’s a brilliant compact option – as supersized games go, anyway! The board measures 46 x 53 cm so you can fit this one on the patio.


Traditional Garden Games Jumbo Black & White Dominoes–white-dominoes/FLX6453L

How fun are these? Each domino measures 18 x 10 x 2.5 cm so they’re easy for junior players to pick up.

But you don’t have to be a kid to love this giant domino set.

With a lightweight design, they’re good as an indoor game too. Just clear a space on the carpet and bring the game inside when the days get colder, and you’re set for a cosy evening in!


Vivo © 1.2m Giant Wooden Tumbling Tower Stacking Game–12m-giant-wooden-tumbling-tower-stacking-game-outdoor-garden-picnic/FLRZ6MME2

Everyone’s favourite giant stacking block game! At a towering height of 1.2 m, it’s a solid addition to any outdoor board game collection that’ll get everyone up and active.

When it’s scaled up, this game gets even more suspenseful that usual, so bring your best tactics!


Traditional Garden Games Garden Snakes & Ladders–ladders/FL3R7L3Y5

Going up! Or sliding down, who knows?

In this giant snakes and ladders game, you’re the counters. Think wizard chess, but hopefully less hazardous.

And because you don’t need a separate marker, you can play with as many players as you can safely round up. Just roll the giant inflatable dice to move around the 3 x 3 m board, and have lots of hissy fun!

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