Get The Most Out Of Your PS4 And PS4 Pro With These Tricks

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You’ve clicked on this article as you are a proud owner of a PS4 or the new PS4 Pro. You lucky thing, since it comes with improved graphics, faster memory, 4k and HDR support for loads of games. Whether you’ve been a ps4 gamer for a while now or Santa blessed you with one for Christmas you want to get the most out of your new console.

Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Console

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Here are a few hacks that will make life a lot easier when owning a PlayStation 4.

Turn on your TV
This is a handy feature that every PlayStation owner should know about, but this nifty hack doesn’t work on every TV but most Smart TVs. A perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new state of the art Telly.

To do this make sure your HDMI link is enabled to your TV, then go to your settings menu and select system, then check for enable HDMI device link. After this, you’ll be pleased to know your TV will now be synced to your PlayStation.

Make your phone into a Keyboard
How annoying is it typing using the analogue sticks? With PS4 you have a choice of interfaces along with a helpful touchpad that you use on the PlayStation App. Because both PlayStation and phone are on the same WI-FI you can pair them though through the PlayStation App connection settings on the PS4.

Turn down the light bar
If you find the light bar reflection annoying or you think its drains battery life, this will all change since you can change the lighting settings. You can pick between bright, medium and dim but you can’t turn it off. This is due to its use by the PlayStation Camera for recognition.

Turn your PlayStation Vita into an extra DualShock

If You’re always up for some competition when it comes to gaming. You’ll be pleased to know that you can turn your PlayStation Vita into an extra Dual Shock.

All you need to do is set up remote play how you normally would with Vita and it will automatically turn off any connected controller and allow the handheld to control the on-screen action. Then have your friend join in by pressing the PS button on the DualShock and sign in another user or guest.

Sony PS Vita WiFi Console with 10 game Mega Pack on 8GB Memory Card
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Pre-Load your games
Waiting for a games release date can be tough as it is, let alone the long wait when downloading the game. Did you know that you can pre-load newly released games through the PlayStation store? This means you can download the game a few days before the release date so it will be ready to play as soon as it hits 12.

Watch other gamer’s live
Did you know you could watch other gamer’s live stream on your PlayStation? If you scroll along to the end of your applications, you’ll find live from PlayStation. This allows you to watch other users on streaming sites such as Twitch UStream and YouTube.

Take Screenshots
Feeling proud of your new high score? And want to brag on Social Media? A quick click on the share button will bring up the share menu. But if you hold down the share button a bit longer it will take a screen shot.

Get Extra Security
If you’ve got a few annoying siblings or flatmates that take advantage of your PlayStation when you are not around, extra security is exactly what you need. To get extra security on your PlayStation parental control allows you to set up a passcode procedure where you can restrict a few things such as applications and spending limits.

Add voice overs to your footage
If you like to record yourself playing and want to add a voiceover it can be done. All you need to do is the following.

Go to options> share settings> video clip settings> microphone audio.

Save files
It’s always good to have extra storage space and to know that your games files are safe. PlayStation Plus subscribers can save space by saving to cloud storage or all PS4 users can save to a USB.

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