Gel Nail Polish – Every womans dream

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Gel nail polish is an invention that has made every girls dreams come true. Not many women realise that the first gel nail products were released on the market during the 1980s. Those products met with limited success.  This was because the manufactureres of the gel nail polish products and those of ultra violet light had not yet joined forces. During the 1990s gel products that had been improved returned to the nail and beauty industry. These were designed to work to within very specific parameters.

The science behind the beauty

There is quite a lot of science behind these cosmetic products. The science has made access to cosmetic easier for women especially those that suffer from allergies and product sensitivity. Some women suffer from allergies to traditional acrylic nail extensions. Acrylic nails have been around for decades before gel nail polish came into being. The polymerisation process is what makes the gel nail polish harden efficiently. It doesnt cause allergies in the same way that some of the acrylic additives can.

Available in just about any variation that a girl could dream about, there is virtually no limit on colours and painted style available.

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As research and development behind the gel nail polish products has led to better formulae drying times have reduced to almost none. Additional features such as colour changing nails make for a fun product that anyone can use. The Termo colour range is an exceptionally had wearing range with an approximate life of around fourteen days. This range when properly applied remains free of nicks, chips and smudges and sets using UV3 technology.

Gel nail polish is not just for the outgoing

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Just like every woman is different, so are the cosmrtics that they wear. With a huge variety of social identities who doesnt want their nails to match? There will always be that minority group that dress like goths. There are women that will only wear bright fluorescent colours. Then there are those that prefer a soft and subtle approach to their appearance. You may describe them as eye catching due to understatement in their appearance. For the latter the get naked nudes collection is an ideal product when applying those nails that turn heads. Available in 24 Summer neon colours, there is a shade to suit every mood or occasion.  This hybrid Shellac is as easy to apply as standard nail polish and with the UV treatment is guaranteed for fourteen days. What a bargain!

Even the best gel nail polish needs maintenance

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Just like acrylic nails that eventually grow out and other nail products that wear away, gel nail polish also has a lifespan. While for many women it may last longer than the 14 day that can be expected nail growth also impacts on the wear and tear of these products. The big attraction to gel nail products more recently has not only been the ese of application, but also the ease of removal. Using the right product to remove the gel and shellac hybrids is key to making this an easy experience.

Whether you have experimented with a combination of acrylics and gel or simply use one or the other, Strictly Professional Acetone is the removal product to use. it is hugely popular as the acetone of choice, and it isnt hard to see why. Its curious how women can spend hours over the application of nail products.  The need for speed when it comes to removing or restoring them however is astonishing.

Aftercare matters too

Dont forget that many of these products contain chemicals that can be hard earing on the surrounding skin.  A little TLC for the skin and surrounding areas are not a bad idea not only following a nail treatment , but during the wear period too.

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A daily application of a hand and nail cream will keep that well manicured look that everyone loves. Reputable products such as Yardleys English lavender are the only way to go. It fits easily into your handbag and is perfect to replenish the moisture and wellbeing of your hands and nails, even when on the go.

A classic favourite this product is an excellent choice for the beauty regime.Dont leave home without it.

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