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Be kind to animals and save the environment – all before your first coffee of the day! These vegan beauty products will help you look and smell amazing, without weighing on your conscience.

And we think you’ll like the cool ways some natural beauty companies are taking on sustainability…


Optiat “Feel Great” Mouthwatering Mandarin Exfoliating Coffee Scrub (220g)

Optiat “Feel Great” Mouthwatering Mandarin Exfoliating Coffee Scrub (220g) – Natural, Sustainable, Vegan, Cruelty-Free – Skincare Treatment – Acne, Eczema, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Ingrown Hairs – Suitable for Body & Face – Made from Used Arabica Coffee only £12.16 on Flubit.comBrief Description* Welcome to Optiat, the nature-friendly beauty company. We transform used Arabica coffee grounds into natural, exfoliating scrubs that make…Go to Product

UK vegan beauty brand Optiat’s cruelty free beauty products go one step further that most brands.

Your new coffee scrub is sourced from the best cafes, bars and restaurants in London. Their Arabica coffee grounds live the city life before heading straight to your bathroom. So you can feel extra fancy when you wash with this one!

Now let’s get to the details. Shea butter is there to hydrate and moisturise. Then brown sugar and sea salt get to work on exfoliation while caffeine encourages blood flow. And what’s that delicious aroma? It’s 100% pure mandarin essential oil.

Check out the related products section for more Optiat scrubs like “Hit The Sheets” Vanilla Velvet Exfoliating Coffee Scrub (220g).


The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub 100 ml

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub 100 ml only £5.65 on Flubit.comBrief Description* The Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub by The Body Shop. * The special formula cleans efficiently while…Go to Product

Around half of The Body Shop’s products are now vegan – and of course, the brand was built its name on cruelty-free ideals.

Your Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub is formulated to leave your skin feeling fresh, without being harsh. Expect a balance of moisture without compromising on the all-important cleansing action.


Jason Natural Products Natural Jojoba Shampoo; Extra rich 473 ml

Jason Natural Products Natural Jojoba Shampoo; Extra rich 473 ml only £9.25 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionFor healthy hair growth. Enriched with natural Jojoba, Grapefruit, Vitamin B5 & Wheat Protein. No: Parabens, sodium lauryl / aureth sulfates or…Go to Product

Jason have been in the beauty business for sixty years. They’re a trusted name in natural beauty, with a product for almost every shelf of your bathroom cabinet. Toothpastedeodorant, you name it!

But right now, let’s talk hair – this natural shampoo is extra rich for healthy hair growth. It’s enriched with natural jojoba and grapefruit, Vitamin B5 and wheat protein. And you won’t find SLS, parabens or phthalates in this mix.


Nanshy Large Face and Body Powder Makeup Brush

Nanshy Large Face and Body Powder Makeup Brush for cosmetic such as foundation, bronzer, blush. Vegan, soft synthetic, cruelty free brushes. White Handle only £8.6 on Flubit.comBrief Description* Large Powder Makeup Brush for Face and Body * Made with Taklon synthetic bristles that are…Go to Product

When you’re stocking up on vegan beauty products, it’s easy to forget about the tools you’re using.

Nanshy vegan, cruelty free brushes are designed and tested in the UK. And they’re made from synthetic Taklon bristles, so no animals are harmed to bring you a flawless look.

But they’re also beautiful, with a sleek pearly design and soft feel.

If you like it, restock your make up bag with Nanshy Angled Kabuki Buffer Makeup Brush in a gorgeous onxy finish. There’s even a full set! Why not try the Nanshy Masterful Collection Makeup Brush Set if you fall in love with these beautiful brushes?

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