Flubit’s Drone Delivery Program

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Flubit dronesIt’s a Friday in December, and we’re feeling festive, so we have some very-airy news to announce…

Our customers use Flubit to get a better price than Amazon, and love us for it, but what if you could get a better price and have the item delivered within 90 seconds?

Today Flubit have launched their FlubDrone Delivery Program, led by Senior Software Developer, and now interim-FlubDrone Project Director, Steve Hutchins.

Steve spoke to us late last night after completing some initial testing. “It’s exciting. We’ve got a long way to go, especially on the look and feel of the drones, which we know is important to customers. Will paper-clips and a hand-drawn logos give the look and feel you want when a loud buzzing noise lands in your garden? Maybe, maybe not…”

Bertie Stephens CEO of Flubit concluded, “Initially we’ll be looking to service around 60 people in the UK, namely those in and around the vicinity of our office, and we’ll be starting with single items of stationary, but shortly we’ll want to service the entire UK – it’s just a short step away, especially if you take big steps”.

It’s clear from the video a lot of humus is consumed in the making of delivery drones…


If you want to work on Flubit’s FlubDrone Delivery Program, or simply join the team and be productive, then why not work at Flubit? Find out more about life at Flubit here

p.s – BMA have no knowledge of this, and are not official sponsors.


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