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This year’s winter season office tournaments have had quite the build up. With the addition of darts, we now how the office competing for a total of 4 trophies that entitle the winners to the all important bragging rights. Find out below how events unfolded and who triumphed to take home the gold.


This new addition has steadily gained popularity since it’s announcement and many were keen to sign up for an extra chance to bag a trophy. Andy, organiser of this tournament, scheduled for  games of around-the-clock in qualifying rounds that would lead to semi-finals in which games to 301 would be played, followed by finals played to 501 points with a best of 3 taking the win. To little surprise, Andy laughed his way to the final in which he crushed Mike with 2 consecutive wins with incredible accuracy, hitting a double 10 in first attempt to take the first game!

king of darts


As usual, tournament structure consisted of group stages with surviving contestants proceeding to the knockout rounds. Previous season’s champ, Luca, met his match when Ahmet stepped to the table. But despite beating the champ it was two of Flubit’s recent starters who pulled through for the final showdown leaving even Ahmet in the dust. Darrell from customer support and Tanveer from the virtual stocks team made some impressive pockets right upto the final ball. Darrell was convinced he had blown it when Tanveer was left with the final shot, possibly the most straight forward of the game…


To his own shock, Tanveer missed what should have been the tournament winning shot which led to Darrell cleaning up for the win.


Table tennis

Table tennis saw the return of big names including the famous rivalry between Bertie and Andy. This time threats came in a new form as Luca, last seasons pool champion trained vigorously for a better shot at winning and new hopeful Darrel who had displayed a threatening performance during early rounds. Despite A mighty effort from all competitors, the two giants pulled through to yet again take the stage in a rematch championship final.


A neck and neck performance sent Bertie leading the game by a few points. But Andy managed to compose himself and steal the game for a second tournament win this season!




Last season, Sharad was crowned king of FIFA. This season, the entire office was looking to dethrone him and claim perhaps the most important office bragging right of all. To add to the excitement, the tournament’s format saw an interesting twist. Players would now be assigned a random international team which they must play throughout the entire tournament.  For some this meant a possible advantage if they bagged a top team such as Germany or Spain. However, unveiling of the teams meant it wasn’t good news for Sharad as he was stuck with Egypt. On the other hand, tournament organiser Karan was looking to capitalise on the former champ’s misfortune and spent the following rounds celebrating what he thought would be a breeze to the final …until Bertie came and ruined his existence in a 1-0 victory. With two of the the tournament’s big shots out the contest the tournament took an unpredictable turn and saw Luca (England) take on Alex (Turkey) in what was the bets match-up of the tournament. Alex held a clean sheet all tournament, but Luca showed no respect and took a 90th minute 2-1 lead in the final minutes of the game.



Congratulation to all of this seasons winners:

Flubit Darts Champion


Flubit Pool Champion


Flubit Table Tennis Champion


Flubit FIFA 16 Champion


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