Flubit visits Thorpe Park!

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train banterThe Flubit office was full of cheers last week as Bertie announced that this Thursday we would be conquering our fear of heights at Thorpe Park! So come Thursday morning we all made way to the park nice and early for our day briefing of the programme lined up.

To kick the day off we were invited to a designated workshop building where Bertie delivered a speech highlighting our recent successes as a business and the road ahead. Most importantly a thankful reminder to the staff for the dedication towards making Flubit what it is today and the exciting things to come ahead.

team selfieSoon after, we were split into 8 groups for a competitive team bonding activity in which we raced against each other to collect team points by answering pop quiz questions and completing some strange, and some challenging tasks. Equipped with iPad GPS devices, the teams rushed to GPS location dotted around the park to unlock the various challenges and try earn as many points within the 2 hours race. Some truly hysterical moments were created in the process including attempts to capture the best photobomb of the day and recreating scenes from JAWS and Dirty Dancing in public. After plenty of fun and humiliation we raced back to round the scores and crown the team with the most points. Congratulations to team “Beat Bertie” who smashed the competition who each took away authentic replica gold medals.on swarm

With the team programme over we were unleashed to enjoy the rides for the rest of the day. With great weather and company the day flew by with plenty of thrills and laughter. We enjoyed all the park had to offer, from going 0-80mph in under 2 seconds on Stealth to spinning out of consciousness on Teacups. And as always, our usual detour to the on-site golden beverage dispensary had to be made in order to end the day in a more grounded state of mind.

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Thanks to all who made it on this exciting trip, and we look forward to sharing our next company social, so stay tuned!

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