Flubit Product Review – High Peak Colorado 4 Man Tent

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Price I would have paid: £96.49
Price I paid on Flubit: £90.25

Thanks to Flubit I am now a homeowner. Flubit has helped me defy this difficult economic climate and finally swing my leg up onto the property ladder.

We haven’t fully put the tent to the test yet (i.e. gone camping), but we read some reviews in which people complained that not all of the apparatus was in tact/provided. With this in mind we took to the garden to make sure we didn’t get a horrible surprise on arrival at a festival this June.

We cautiously took out each piece of the tent, one at a time, checking off against the list to ensure everything was there. And to our relief it was!

It wasn’t the easiest to put up, but with two of us we managed it in just over 15 minutes – I would be apprehensive about putting up/taking down without assistance.

Once erected we were happy with the results – it was exactly what we wanted – a tent. But also a tent that you can stand up inside. I don’t know about you but I hate sitting in tents, let alone lying down in them.

Some initial feedback about the tent as follows:

  •  The inner tent’s sewn-in groundsheet isn’t thick, and didn’t feel especially strong, so watch where you pitch it!
  • The steel pole sections are identified by self-adhesive printed paper roundels, which I can predict would come off after a single camping session.
  • I might not enjoy sharing this tent with three others, but it is fine for me and an intimate companion.
  • I also imagine because with the door design there is a very small, tiny gap near the ground where the zips meet – now I don’t know about you but sharing my home with lots of creepy crawlies does not make me a happy camper!

The bag it came in was awesome – with plenty of room for everything to go in, so it wasn’t a nightmare trying to pack it all in. But overall a lovely tent – my flat-mate said it looked cool as well, which is pretty essential.

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