COO Ricardo talks getting an ecommerce site live to the world

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It has been a momentous week at flubit HQ with site going live in beta. Who better to give you a recap on how we got to this point but Ricardo, Co-founder and Director of flubit:

Yes – we’ve made it. We’re live!

Well, live, but not ‘live’ live.

The next few weeks are about making sure we can go ‘live’ live. Live means real service, real demands, real orders, real delivery, real refunds, real people. Just not many people.

We go ‘live’ live once we’re sure we can handle lots of traffic from lots of people. So, hang in there.

Don’t plan your Christmas shopping yet. By then, we’ll certainly be ‘live’ live.

The last two months have all been about getting here, nothing else mattered much. Everybody has been putting in the hours to finish whatever came their way and switching hats whenever needed. Marketing did operations, operations did accounting, R&D did marketing. Testing, re-working, testing, re-working, and some more of it.

I’m excited about it. Now, different challenges lie ahead – like making sure our users are happy with all aspects of

For me personally, this meant creating bags of tools to measure stuff. From the simpler things, like how many demands and orders did we receive, to the more complex issues like making sure any refunds are processed correctly and money passed back up the chain in the right amounts, time, and order.

In the end, we need to make sure that our users are taken care of – they buy from us and trust us with their money. We deliver the goods. Done. But if anything goes wrong in that chain we have to make it right, without fuss and complication.

I never thought that I would become an Excel programmer, but hey, that is what we needed to double-check all the processes work friction-free.

Sorry it’s so short this time. I need to go and check on a few orders we just received.

So long.

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