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As nears its full live launch, Dave Morrissey, our Social Media Manager took a small break from posting, tweeting and pinning to give you another insight into his life at flubit:

A lot has happened over the last few weeks since my last blog post…or has it? I’ve forgotten. That’s the thing about being immersed in the world of social media – you develop goldfish syndrome. There’s so much information and content swimming around the online and social media space makes for a very forgetful chap – but that’s probably the only downside.

Social Media is one of the freshest and most disruptive industries to enter the world of business for some time. Suddenly, kids coming out of college with a twitter account are seen as important cogs in the wheel of many an organisation out there. That’s great and all, but hiring anyone with 1k+ FB friends doesn’t mean that they’re capable of being the “voice” of your organisation.

Every post matters. Every post or smidgen of communication I release as flubit is there to further our personality, our proposition, our appeal. Look at the likes of Cadburys, Innocent Smoothies, Pieminister (Hmmm. There’s a trend to these references. I must be hungry. Mmm… doughnuts). They ooze a certain charm and personality.

That’s what I hope for with flubit. When I am typing, a “flubit” style voice often creeps into my head. I approach flubit in character. Actually, as Sam, the guy in our new video ( Shopping Online? Before you buy it, Flubit.) comes quite close to that voice ringing in my head.

I have found my daily communications transform somewhat over the past weeks (months, even). I now set out every day to entertain and inform. I want to make people have a quick burst of laughter when they see a flubit post pop up.

I want to be a genuine friend to our followers. Nobody wants to be sold or pushed things all the time. I don’t want that, so I’m not going to subject flubit’s followers to that. People log onto Facebook, Twitter and the rest for a momentary escape from whatever’s going on in their day. Every time they log on and see flubit they should be greeted with a warm and laughter-filled space.

Of course, we can’t be funny and silly all the time. We need to be taken seriously. So that’s where I aim to inform.

I am there to help our users get the most out of flubit. I am the friendly shopkeeper who will point you in the right direction for your needs.

At the same time, I will never push a product. That’s not what we are about.

It’s the product you want to buy, not what I want to sell, that’s important to us. That aspect of flubit’s existence makes my job very rewarding. I am here to help, not sell.

And I am here to do it around the clock. People are social 24/7… so I have to be. Sitting down to a proper dinner in the evenings is a rarity. After my journey home from the office, I hit the kitchen and rustle something together quickly and then return to my room and laptop to see what is moving and shaking online.
Something has to give as a result of this non-stop online toing and froing, and that thing is one of my t-shirts. I should really get a tray or something for eating meals on my bed, but a t-shirt is very handy in such times.

So, say hello to my t-shirt in the photo below, and also my various dinners over the past few weeks – there’s curry, Bolognese, stew etc – spot the meal and win a prize!

So if you need a laugh or helping hand give me a shout!

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