How Flubit is like the humble bumblebee…

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As we enter the screens of more and more people (in beta), we catch up with another member of the family who has been here since the beginning. Andy Stephen, Head of Merchant Relations talks bees and honey…


Dave recently posted the question on Facebook: if flubit was an animal, which would it be? My first inclination was to compare us to this goat:

But as I pondered this existential conundrum further, it occurred to me that flubit is actually more like the humble bumblebee.

This is because bees are the crucial link between two interdependent groups: flowers and people (who like honey).

1. Without bees buzzing around pollinating everything that’s bright and hayfever-inducing, flowers would be unable to reproduce.
2. And, without these industrious pollinators, breathers of oxygen and lovers of honey around the world would be left hyperventilating and hungry.

Just like bees, flubit takes care of two groups: shrewd online shoppers and retailers.

1. We work hard with our retailer partners to create a smart and sustainable selling environment.
2. We then feed the nectar of these special relationships to our wise user base in the form of golden sweet, life-giving prices.

It follows then, according to this tenuous and outright painful biology GCSE analogy, that our retailers are the flowers that make the whole flubit concept possible. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to buzz around making life a little bit easier and affordable for our users.

Did I mention we’d launched?

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