Flubit helps Luzern Solutions maximise their sales

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Luzern Solutions are a large distributor of consumer electronics, from graphic cards to fitness trackers, catering for tech enthusiasts.

Established in 2002, they work with some of the biggest tech and consumer brands in the world, shipping thousands of products every month and becoming one of the biggest eCommerce distributors in Ireland.

From the start Luzern’s main focus was to provide high quality branded tech products for competitive prices, keeping both consumer and business clients happy.

With that focus in mind, Luzern are always trying to find new selling channels and reach out to even more shoppers.



Selling on Flubit

Having their own online store and selling through various other online channels, Luzern were approached by Flubit last year. Of immediate appeal was the zero commission and simple set up – they didn’t hesitate to give it a shot.

Flubit offers us access to millions of shoppers and it is a free service. I thought it was a pretty good deal so we gave it a try. ” – said Alan Chester, Head of eCommerce at Luzern.


Slow start

Luzern integrated with Flubit in October 2014 but they didn’t see huge volumes coming through in the first few months.

But this changed when Gillian Deehan, a member of the Flubit Merchant Accounts and Development Team got in touch.

Our aim is to drive incremental orders for our merchants. Therefore it is important for us to make sure every single Flubit seller uses the platform to its full potential. We offer a variety of tools and support and try to help assist merchants where we can.” – says Gillian.

Gillian looked into Luzern’s sales and inventory and helped prepare a whole strategy to improve sales and ensure a steady growth of orders.

Looking at one of the newest tools available for merchants, “Revenue Opportunities”, Gillian identified possible sales that have been lost and the reason behind it. She recommended increasing the number of items in the inventory and helped Luzern set up the pricing to ensure it was as competitive as can be.


Support and fast growth

After implementing changes advised by Gillian, Luzern started to generate much more valuable sales for a number of their products.

“In just a couple of months we have seen the number of orders doubling. Thanks to Gillian’s support we were able to maximise our sales and now Flubit is giving us a very steady stream of orders every month that is helping us grow even more quickly” – states James Foran, eCommerce Account Executive at Luzern.


Get in touch

If like Luzern you are looking for a new selling platform that will help you maximise your sales while providing you with ongoing advice and support, then get in touch with Flubit.  Find out more about selling on Flubit by registering at weflubit.com

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