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That feeling of a passionate community; sharing the glory of a goal, this is why the hunger of football is unmatched in any other part of modern life.

Here at Flubit we take our football seriously, from the ooo’s and ahhh’s to the boos and jeers, football is very much a daily part of Flubit life. This is why the FIFA 15 tournament that took place this summer was held in such high regard!

This road to glory took many twists and turns; from the moment Gary defeated Karan in a 1-0 shocker, to Mosh not playing all his games and allowing Luca to qualify; let’s not forget the 5 star game between Cornel and Daniele which was decided on penalties! Yes football is a cruel mistress, but my God we love her…flubit football tourny

So who won?

Well not our CEO Bertie Stephens, who decided to pick Seattle Sounders for every game – don’t worry we’ve never heard of them either!

The final involved two Arsenal boys, Sharad and Cornel; which made it all the more personal! (The only thing we were missing was an Arsene Wenger post match interview about fluidity – which sounds a lot like the word Flubit so he is welcome to our offices at any time).

Cornel went for the uber efficient Bayern Munich, whereas Sharad went for the razzle dazzle of Ronaldo and Co (Real Madrid).

Sharad scored first, relishing his early lead but Cornel was quick to fire back a response in the first half. Cornel then turned the tables and took the lead at 2-1 early in the 2nd half. It seemed like it was all over for Sharad when his star player Ronaldo, sustaining a career ending injury (the first groin injury in FIFA 15 history; his modelling days are over).

However a quick substitute later and Real Madrid forward Benzema; fired back an equaliser! What followed was a tentative end to the second half and a goalless extra time.flubit football tourny penalties

Both teams took their respective penalties but Sharad took the glory with a 4-2 win! Big shout out to Cornel who took 2nd place – but the absolute DADDY of Fifa is the one and only SHARAD PATEL!!! I believe his official email is now [email protected] , feel free to email him your congrats, although he’s probably too important to respond to you now!

We’re all eagerly anticipating the next Flubit FIFA tournament, which will be next month for the new release of FIFA 16 (which you can pre-order for the guaranteed lowest price anywhere right now)!

If you think you can take on King Sharad; you’re welcome to the Flubit Office at any time!

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