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You’d need a heart of stone to resist the charms of a good Disney movie, and that goes double around Christmas time. Disney somehow manages to capture the magic of childhood time and again, and what could be more magical than a classic Christmas movie? The Flubit team have selected our five favourite Disney Christmas classics for you to watch this year. Have we missed your favourite? Tweet us with your suggestions!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is undoubtedly one of the finest stories ever written. Disney, in all their infinite wisdom, found perhaps the only way possible to improve this classic tale: with the introduction of an ensemble cast of Muppets. One of our all-time favourite Christmas films, this feelgood movie stars Michael Caine as Scrooge and the irrepressible Kermit as Bob Cratchit. The perfect Christmas eve family film.

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We know, we know: the entire world is sick to death of ‘Let it Go’ already. However, if you look beyond the annoyingly catchy hit soundtrack, this modern classic is a lovely tale about sisterly love and independence. It’s also funny and set in a wintry wonderland, which makes it a perfect family Christmas film. Join Elsa, Anna and Olaf in a festive film the kids will never tire of.

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Lady and the Tramp

From a modern classic to a Disney film with a distinctly vintage feel. Lady and the Tramp comes from arguably the golden age of Disney animation, and has been a firm favourite since its release in 1953. The film’s memorable opening scenes are set during Christmastime, when Lady is given as a gift to her delighted owner. Lady and the Tramp has a lovely festive feel to it right the way through, and while the story is as relevant today as it ever was the ’50s setting is a fascinating step back in time for young and old alike.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

A controversial one. Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween film, or a Christmas film? The genius of this Tim Burton classic is that it remains an appropriately seasonal watch from October all the way through to Christmas Day. Spooky, Christmassy and boasting a fantastic soundtrack, this retro movie is one to remind grownups of their own childhoods while winning over a new generation of Burton fans. Get Disney’s 3D release for an excellent update to this timeless Christmas bauble.

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Toy Story

Revisit one of Disney Pixar’s finest hours with a Christmas screening of Toy Story. Although not set during the holiday season, we think toys are inherently Christmassy, and besides – who needs an excuse to re-watch one of the best children’s films ever made? Settle in to see where it all started with Buzz, Woody and gang, or get the trilogy for a festive film fest of epic proportions.

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