Flubit.com partners with StoreFeeder

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Flubit has recently partnered with StoreFeeder providing online retailers with a seamless integration to a profitable new sales channel.

Flubit’s demand-driven platform provides merchants with an effective route to market where they can protect their margins with each sale, without paying set-up costs or marketplace fees.

Since its launch in 2012, flubit.com has hosted millions of pounds of transactions. The platform is compelling and addictive, proved by the impressive customer retention and conversion rates – customers make an average of 5 purchases each and 30% of offers convert to orders, that’s around ten times the industry average!

What’s more, due to a recent partnership with Barclay’s Bespoke Offers, Flubit’s integrated merchant’s product inventory is made available to a customer base of 5 million!
StoreFeeder allows multi-channel retailers to manage their entire product inventories and orders with a number of established sales channels, of which Flubit is now one of. StoreFeeder customers can simply integrate with Flubit via their Storefeeder account and start selling!

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There’s no cost and managing your inventory feed is straightforward – you can get orders and order updates via the Flubit API directly into StoreFeeder’s system.

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