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One of the biggest challenges facing independent retailers today is how they can compete with multi-national retail behemoths like Amazon and their aggressive customer loyalty schemes such as Amazon Prime.

As a subscription-based service, Amazon Prime offers shoppers free delivery on Amazon-held stock and access to a wide range of digital products including television, movies, music and eBooks.

There is, of course, a significant opportunity for third-party retailers to take advantage of the Amazon Prime program but in doing so they must make certain sacrifices.

Services like Amazon Prime can drive large volumes of sales but the costs associated with holding stock in Amazon’s warehouses, alongside handling and sales fees, all add up and in many cases can be crippling. And let’s not forget, as a retailer itself, Amazon can and will compete with you on price, potentially destroying any margin you have in a product.

Note: As a third-party retailer on Amazon you are essentially giving your competition access to valuable sales data, which can be used to identify potentially profitable product lines (very few retailers could ever hope to compete with Amazon’s buying power) and create greater competition in your niche. While there are many benefits of listing products on a platform like Amazon, there is also a considerable downside. is not a retailer and does not hold any stock so it will never compete with any of its retail clients by forcing up the cost of sale and squeezing margins beyond an acceptable range. In fact, selling via Flubit or any of its eCommerce partners is completely free.

Remember: With no listing, transactional or final value fees, the price you list your items with Flubit is the price you will receive when you sell them. The business of retail has never been so simple.

So How Does Lock In Customer Loyalty and Compete with Amazon?

First and foremost, by reducing the cost of sale for our retailers, Flubit shoppers are able to save an average of 12% on purchases they would normally make on Amazon. The savings a consumer can make on a single, considered purchase like a television, laptop or games console are already a good enough reason to use Flubit. But when a shopper adds up all the money they can save via Flubit over a 12 month period, it’s easy to see why Flubit users come back time and time again.

Secondly, Flubit has its own loyalty program called Flubit Elite which costs just £15 per year (compared with £79 for Amazon Prime) and helps shoppers find savings on products they have found on a wide range of online stores including Amazon, Argos, Currys, PC World, ToysRUs, Tesco Direct, Tesco Groceries, Ebuyer, John Lewis,, Asda Direct, Book People and Waterstones.

To ensure online shoppers always demand a better price when shopping online, Flubit Elite offers subscribers a special Chrome browser plugin which highlights the opportunity to save when shopping on any Flubit-enabled website. This means great Flubit savings are never more than a click away on many of the UK’s most popular shopping destinations.

Industry Recognition

And it’s not just savvy shoppers who are noticing Flubit. was recently highlighted in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100  as a name to watch in 2016.

With the buying public on Flubit’s side and the media on Flubit’s side, isn’t it time you joined their side?

To learn more about how your business can harness the power of Flubit’s loyal customer base while retaining full control over your cost of sale and margins, visit:

About the Author: John W. Hayes has over 18 years of experience in online marketing and e-commerce. The author of 3 books in his industry he contributes at numerous international events and various industry blogs. Follow him on twitter @john_w_hayes.

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