Flubit Biscuit Club: Cadbury’s Crunchie Biscuits

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Flubit Biscuit Club: Cadbury's Crunchie BiscuitsWell now, this is a turn up for the books. Some said you can’t make a Crunchie bar a biscuit. But Cadburys ignored the nay-sayers and stormed ahead, and it worked sublimely. So much so that it scored a banging 8 in today’s Flubit Biscuit Club which puts it in third place below the regular and fabulous Cadbury’s Fingers!

Dave had this to say “No honeycombed being of confectionary could ever usurp the mighty Cadbury’s Fingers from their blessed throne. Nice try Mr. ‘ooh I am a Friday feeling biscuit’ Cadburys Crunchie Biscuit, nice try.”

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