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ad:tech London is back again this week, and we’re lucky enough to be taking part. Even better, we’re up and speaking on a topic close to flubit’s heart:

Which Technical Changes Are Affecting The Consumers’ Decision On What, Where And How To Purchase?

Flubit at Ad Tech London

Yes, you’re right – it’s a long title. But it’s also a really important one.

Online sales now account for about 12% of UK retail trade. In 2008, that figure was just 8%.

There’s a shift on, and for some, it’s already morphing into the next wave: the shift to mobile.

This is the environment that flubit exists in. It’s a fluid space, and one we’re as much a shaper of as shaped by. Being active online, or in mobile, won’t be enough to succeed in either space – making the right choice, with your customers and their changing buying habits in the front of mind, will be critical to companies that want to be part of the big move.

Bertie will be up on stage on Wednesday with Kevin Clapson from TripAdvisor, and Karinna Nobbs from the London College of Fashion, to talk about the very different approaches we are taking to emerging opportunities we see, and how the space is likely to change over the next few years.

There’s still a handful of tickets left over at the ad:tech website. It should be a great day.

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