Five Xbox 360 games you must own!

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When Microsoft announced the release of the Xbox One, gamers worldwide clutched their wallets and purses in a paroxysm of horror, moaning not only at the ludicrous purchase price but at the death of preowned gaming. Many Xbox fans have even pledged to abandon Microsoft in favour of arch-rivals Sony and the PS4, but before you make any similar rash decisions, why not relive the glory days of Xbox gaming with our selection of five Xbox 360 titles you must own? While this list isn’t definitive we’ve chosen some truly classic titles for your perusal, and will even help you buy them online at the best possible price, too. Who can say fairer than that?


portal-xboxPortal 2

The Portal franchise started life as a fairly humble platform / strategy game intended to accompany Half-Life Two in the excellent Orange Box collection, but has since evolved into a gaming experience deserving of recognition in its own right. Portal 2 is a truly postmodern platformer boasting an intelligent, humorous script, moments of dark pathos and some fiendishly difficult puzzles – this is a far cry from the simple time-your-jump gameplay of Crash Bandicoot et al. Portal is a truly unique gaming experience and one that completely defies comparison – for that reason, it’s a must-have in any Xbox 360 collection.


halo-combat-evolvedHalo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Any list of the greatest Xbox 360 games must include a member of the Halo franchise, but which will it be? We’ve decided to opt for the title that started it all, lovingly remastered and revamped for the Xbox 360. Amazingly, the original Halo: Combat Evolved was released back in 2001, so the Anniversary Edition was intended to mark its tenth birthday on release in 2011. The levels are the same and Halo veterans will be pleased to note that the gameplay hasn’t lost any of its original verve, but the graphics are now pin-sharp and you can test the skills of other franchise fans over Xbox live. Halo as it was always meant to be…


jaquette-fifa-13-xbox-360FIFA 13

For a long time, FIFA and PES waged a war of footballing dominance across a number of platforms, but in recent years, FIFA has deservedly assumed the mantle of ‘Best Football Game on the Xbox 360’ over its Japanese rival. With thousands of official players and dozens of licensed teams and stadia to choose from, you’ll never get closer to claiming your own major trophy, while offline multiplayer gaming doesn’t come much better than courtesy of FIFA 13. Whether you’re a football fan or not, this game is a real must-buy for dedicated gamers.


fallout3xbox360Fallout 3

RPGs are like the Marmite of the gaming world – you either love them or you hate them. The swords-and-sorcery style of Oblivion or Castlevania isn’t for everyone, we admit, but few can argue with the wry dystopian setting of Fallout 3. Gamers are plunged into a post-apocalyptic future where they must scavenge items, vanquish foes and avoid radioactive contamination, but if that all sounds a bit heavy for you then you’ll be pleased to hear that the game is written and plotted in a humorous, engaging way. Like many of the best Xbox 360 games, Fallout 3 is far more compelling than any Hollywood blockbuster.


Forza-Motorsport-4_Xbox360_coverForza Motorsport 4

Racing games have been a staple of video game entertainment for years, and they come in a variety of distinct flavours. There’s the arcade-style cartoon capers of Mario Kart and the like, the crash-and-burn chaos of Burnout and its peers or there are the hardcore racing sims – realistic titles designed to appeal to pure petrol-heads. Forza Motorsport 4 is one of the latter. Few racing games are as detailed or realistic as Forza 4, but if you don’t want to spend hours applying paintwork in the garage or adjusting tyre pressures and suspension settings to eke out that extra 2% of performance, you can just take a fast car and thrash it around a lovingly visualised, real-world track instead. Games like Forza Motorsport aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve even a vague interest in cars or racing it’s an absolute must-own title.


These five fabulous Xbox 360 games will help you complete your collection before the release of the overpriced Xbox One, but if you want them all then it’s going to set you back a pretty penny, isn’t it? Not necessarily. If you want to buy cheap Xbox 360 games online, simply find the title you want on the web and then paste the website URL into and we’ll do the rest – creating you a perfect offer at the very best price for your online purchases every time!

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