Five of the most exciting game releases for 2016

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Winter 2015 has been something of a treat for gamers, with a run of excellent, often long-awaited titles hitting the shelves between September and late December this year. Forza 6, FIFA 16, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, halo 5, Star Wars: Battlefront, Rainbow Six: Siege and Just Cause 3 are just some of the fantastic titles to have rocked the gaming world in the last few months. With such a superabundance of great games gracing our consoles this year, you could be forgiven for expecting 2016 to be a slow year on the blockbuster games front. Far from it. Take a look at five games set for release in 2016 that the Flubit team are already excited about…

Halo Wars 2

A new Halo title is always big news, and this year’s Halo 5: Guardians showed the franchise back to its best with an immersive campaign mode and suitably chaotic online multiplayer. Something of a surprise, however, was Microsoft’s announcement that 2016 would see a sequel to 2009’s largely unloved Halo Wars. A real-time strategy game featuring many familiar Halo vehicles and infantry units, Halo Wars was a great idea but hardly a hit. What makes the sequel different, however, is the involvement of the team behind the fantastic Total War franchise. Early signs are promising indeed, and we’re dead excited about a title with the potential to revive the slumbering but much-loved strategy genre.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Eight years since the first Mirror’s Edge hit the shelves, the long-awaited sequel is finally due for release next year. Like Halo Wars, Mirror’s Edge takes a traditional, much-loved genre and gives it a contemporary remake. Mirror’s edge is essentially a platform game in the lineage of Super Mario or Crash Bandicoot, with the difference being that the playable characters are freerunners capable of interacting with the environment in countless ways. Catalyst combines platform gaming, first person combat and open world exploration for a truly immersive gameplay experience. We can’t wait to play it.

mirrors edge

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Mass Effect franchise is taking the RPG genre to new heights, and Mass Effect: Andromeda promises to be the best title yet. With a vast universe to explore and countless characters to interact with, developers Bioware have created an entire world for gamers to discover. Fans of the series will be pleased to see the Mako make a welcome reappearance. With the previous Mass Effect titles offering an incredible visual spectacle, we’re aching to see what Bioware can create with the more powerful next-gen hardware.

Far Cry: Primal

The first next-gen Far Cry title looks set to be Ubisoft’s most ambitious yet. Sticking with the first person action/adventure format that has proven so successful in the past, Far Cry: Primal not only plunges the player into a remote and foreign land but also into the distant past. Unlike in previous Far Cry titles, there will be no guns and vehicles in Primal. Instead, players must craft their own traditional weapons to defend themselves from the hostile wildlife and rival tribes of the Mesolithic period. This unique and innovative take on the first-person shooter promises to be one of the most memorable games of 2016.

far cry primal

Dead Island 2

The first Dead Island was something of an unexpected hit, coming as it did from an unheralded Polish developer into a market already bursting with similar titles. Nevertheless, this melee-heavy survival horror quickly established itself among better-financed rivals, and became something of a modern classic following release in 2011. The long awaited follow-up hits next gen consoles next year, bringing revised combat and a whole new range of urban locations to the fray. Zombie killing chaos is just a few months away.

dead island 2

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