Five classic family board games to play this Christmas

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Christmas means different things to different people. Your ideal Christmas Day might involve roast turkey, Brussels sprouts, mulled wine and The Great Escape on TV or a vegetarian nut roast, a bottle or two of local real ale and Will Ferrel’s Elf on Blu-Ray. Whatever your ideal Christmas looks like, family board games are as much a part of Christmas as fur trees, mistletoe and Santa Claus. Get your friends and family together for a Boxing Day gaming session with these classic festive family board games.

Trivial Pursuit

Do you call them pie slices, cheese wedges or something else entirely? Trivial Pursuit is a family classic, and a part of the furniture when it comes to Christmas Day. The original game is perhaps best suited for families with older children, but there are now countless special editions designed to be more inclusive and test the memory and intellect of players of all ages. Invest in the classic Family Edition or themed versions including Disney, James Bond, Harry Potter and even the Big Bang Theory.


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Another Christmas Day fixture, Monopoly has a reputation both as being a bit dull (nicknamed ‘Monotony’ in some circles) and as being responsible for the odd family feud. However, there’s a reason why Monopoly is one of the best selling and most popular board games of all time. Like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly is available in countless special edition versions, including Game of Thrones, DC and Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Despicable Me.


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Scrabble is without doubt the best word game ever devised, and a favourite with linguists everywhere. Suitable for families with older children, Scrabble has courted controversy recently by allowing contemporary slang terms, abbreviations and even proper nouns. Whether you’re a Scrabble purist or a Scrabble revisionist, there’s a version for you out there.


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Cluedo is such a popular, well-known game that its rules have entered common parlance. Say: ‘Miss Scarlet in the pantry with the lead pipe’ and everyone knows what you’re talking about. This murder mystery board game has been around for decades, and has been refreshed with new versions including Sherlock, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons editions.

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