5 great gadgets and gizmos for fitness fanatics

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Flubit fitness gadgetsImproving your fitness is no easy task – it’s a long, often arduous journey that can take many years to complete. However, it’s a trip that more and more of us are choosing to take – particularly at this time of year – because the benefits are huge. Often the trickiest part of the process is finding which methods of exercise work best for you – it’s not just about immediate results, as your workouts also need to be enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy exercising, it’s unlikely you’ll keep it up in the long-term.

Many of today’s fitness fans find that technology can play an important role in their workouts – not just in making them more effective or enjoyable but also for keeping track of progress towards fitness goals. Take a look at some of the many fabulous fitness gadgets that can upgrade your workouts!

From the creators of the Powerball comes the Powerspin, a fancy piece of strength training equipment that’s specifically designed to bust bingo wings. The device consists of a rubber-coated steel ball inside a circular tube, with a central grip. All you have to do is to move your arm so that the ball travels continuously around the tube. The faster you spin, the harder you work. Powerspin can be used to strengthen your arms, core, chest and shoulders, and comes packaged with a DVD that includes a tough six minute Powerspin workout. If you’re short on time and want to improve your upper body strength, the Powerspin will certainly come in handy.

In-ear headphones
If you find music motivational on your run, upgrade to some high quality in-ear headphones to ensure that sound quality isn’t compromised. If the tinny sound and absence of bass from your old iPod headphones is becoming annoying, try out this affordable yet good quality pair of in-ear headphones. This model comes with a cable clip and case, with a choice of four different colours – making them the perfect companion for your next treadmill session.

Ab-toning belts
If your midriff is in need of some toning or strengthening, wearing an ab-toning belt is one way of making improvements. The electronics in these belts stimulate your muscles to contract and relax, just like other forms of exercise. Ab toning belts can be worn under your normal clothing, meaning you can tone even while at the office – certainly rather more discreet than doing stomach crunches while at your desk! Remember that these belts don’t help you lose weight or stomach fat – you’ll need to keep up the cardio and cut calories to achieve those goals. Check out this premium ab-toning belt, which comes with 10 different programmes.

Smart scales
Yes, smart bathroom scales exist! Smart scales can be set up to automatically recognise a number of different users, so that every time you step on the scales your weight and percentage body fat are automatically logged to your user account. You can then use an app or the website to check your progress, set yourself goals and log other activity. Take a look!

Activity trackers
Activity trackers fit snugly around your wrist and keep track of the number of steps you take, how much sleep you get, and how many calories you burn each day. They’re designed around the idea that it isn’t just workouts that determine your fitness, but also your daily routine. This smart activity tracker integrates with your phone, so it notifies you when you receive messages or calls.

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