FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019: Get Your Football Spirit On

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Get into the spirit of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019! As the final stages of France 2019 draw closer, there’s still time to get in on the action – and to celebrate the fastest-growing participation sport in the world.


Who Are the Key Players in the 2019 FIFA World Cup?

Who’s taking to the pitch? Some pretty impressive footballers, as it happens. Australian captain Sam Kerr hit headlines with her 4-goal win against Jamaica, and she’s not the soccer star to watch.

21 year old Peng Shimeng has already earned herself a Player of the Match accolade in France 19, during her first World Cup. Closer to home on the Scotland team, Lana Clelland’s 88th minute goal against Japan didn’t save the day, but it did show us just what she can do. We’ll be watching for more epic goals in future.

Meanwhile on the England team, Lucy Staniforth has overcome a lot to stay in the game. She’s played internationally since 2008 but this year marks her first World Cup in the senior team, beating injury, family tragedy and the shortage of funding in the women’s leagues to get there.


Uncover the Lost Story of Women’s Football

And speaking of underfunding, there’s a long story to unravel.

Women’s football has been the fastest-growing participation sport since the mid-90s. But it was the ladies of 19th Century who first started the trend – yep, women have been enjoying a kickabout for well over a hundred years.

Read all about it in A Beautiful Game: International Perspectives on Women’s Football. It takes a smart and insightful look at women’s football heritage around the world. You’ll find answers to questions you never knew you had, as deep-dives on Australian, Chinese and English football reveal the inequality that’s let girls’ soccer fall behind.

And if you thought men were the only big names on the pitch, read this.

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Girls with Balls: The Secret History of Women’s Football is an introduction to the game’s story that’s easy to get into. It throws light on the forgotten celebrities, and fills us in on big matches from women’s football.

With coverage of a Scotland v. England match from 1881 (complete with an intro to Helen Mathews, founder of the first Scottish women’s side), it couldn’t be more relevant.


Celebrate Every Goal of France 19!

Remember those great shots we talked about? Well, now we’re all caught up, let’s get on with the celebrations!

No matter the results, let’s follow the Women’s World Cup 2019 to the finish because there’s some fantastic playing going on out there.

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of football bunting to set the tone. This 10m garland will turn any home or garden into a World Cup party paradise!

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And whether they make it to the finals or not, you can show your team pride. Kit yourself out with a Scotland mug and England hat, or fly the flag for Canada, ThailandItalySpain

Stock up on football napkins and American stars and stripes party plates for the snacks!

Because one of the greatest things about international sport is so many nations joining together in one big fiesta.

Make the most of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019!

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